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Teen Texting and Driving

4 years 20 weeks ago by Elizabeth Erickson
Teen Texting and Driving
Getting a license is a milestone every teenager anticipates, but new drivers face more dangers than ever before. With all the recent headlines about the dangers of distracted drivers, parents are scrambling for ways to stop their kids from texting while driving. According to this report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 20 percent of drivers between the ages of 18 to 20 claim that texting while driving has no effect on their ability to drive, but that same age group has the highest crash rate of all drivers. As a parent, how can you prevent your teen from becoming another statistic? (more...)
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What To Look For When Buying Your First Motorcycle

4 years 20 weeks ago by Elizabeth Erickson
What to look for when buying your first motorcycle
Making the decision to buy your first motorcycle can be very exciting. More than likely, you cannot wait to hit the open road on your new bike for the first time. However, you should not let your excitement allow you to rush into a decision when it comes to buying your first bike. You should look at your purchase as an investment, and a relatively large one at that. Since you will be spending a decent-sized chunk of your hard-earned money on this bike, it is best to shop around and make sure you find one that you will be truly happy with in the long term. (more...)
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How To Transfer an Out-of-State Driver's License After You Move

4 years 20 weeks ago by Elizabeth Erickson
How to Transfer an Out-of-State Driver's License After You Move
"When moving to a new state, drivers may be required to take a written driving test in order to obtain a new license, regardless of age or years of driving experience. Although there are many details vying for your attention when you move across the country, getting your driver's license transferred to your new state should be at the top of your to-do list. This is because most states limit the amount of time given to new residents for getting an up-to-date license. Some states require residents to obtain a new driver's license within 30 days of their move, and other states allow up to 90 days. (more...)
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Hardship Licenses for Teens

4 years 20 weeks ago by Elizabeth Erickson
Hardship licenses are issued to 14 or 15 year-old teens who qualify for hardship status and are too young to get a normal driver�۪s license. The requirements vary from state to state, and some states do not offer hardship licenses. They are mainly used in rural areas. Hardship licenses also require driver�۪s tests, and taking a DMV practice test can improve your advantage. (more...)
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The Advantages Of Renewing Your Driver's License Online

4 years 20 weeks ago by Elizabeth Erickson
Few hassles in life can compare to the displeasure experienced when visiting a crowded Department of Motor Vehicles. All drivers know that renewing their license and registration is mandatory, but experienced drivers know the process is hardly ever quick and easy. Fortunately, experienced drivers can avoid an unpleasant experience by skipping a face-to-face trip to the DMV. Sound too good to be true? Take a look at the advantages of renewing your driver�۪s license online. (more...)
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Stay Safe On The Road: Defensive Driving Tips For Motorcyclists

4 years 20 weeks ago by Elizabeth Erickson
Defensive Driving for Motorcyclists
No matter how safe of a motorcycle rider you are, the fact remains that each and every time you hit the road, you will be facing careless and unsafe drivers in vehicles much larger than your bike. Because of this fact, it is important that you exercise a strategy known as defensive driving. When you drive defensively, you are always on the lookout not only for your own actions but the actions of other drivers as well. Driving defensively with the right amount of foresight could mean the difference between getting into an accident on your motorcycle and avoiding it altogether. (more...)
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Navigating the Graduated Licensing Process

4 years 20 weeks ago by Elizabeth Erickson
A graduated driver's license program has been introduced by many states as a way to make the process of getting a driver's license a little more involved for teenagers. The reason for this is because young drivers are much more likely to have an automobile accident than any other age group. According to the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, motor vehicle accidents are the main cause of death for people between 13 and 19 years old. If you are a young driver, the GDL program gives you more time to study, take DMV practice tests and learn safe road practices before acquiring full driving privileges. (more...)

Basic Vehicle Maintenance Tips That Every Driver Should Know

4 years 20 weeks ago by Elizabeth Erickson
"Learning how to drive comes with a lot of responsibility. In addition to learning about the rules of the road as you prepare to take a DMV practice test, it is also important to learn about basic vehicle maintenance. Keeping up with the maintenance of your vehicle can possibly save you the time and expense of major repairs as well as keep you safe while driving. Here are four basic vehicle maintenance tips you should keep in mind. (more...)
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Things Teen Drivers Need To Consider When Moving Out Of State

4 years 20 weeks ago by Elizabeth Erickson
Things Teen Drivers Need To Consider When Moving Out Of State
"Teenagers naturally have a lot on their mind. They need to stay on top of their schoolwork, find time to work and maintain a social life. With a driver's license, it is much easier for a teenager to get where they need to be on time. If your life gets more complicated with a move to another state, what is important to know about driving laws in your new home? (more...)
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What To Expect in Drivers Education

4 years 20 weeks ago by Elizabeth Erickson
Driver's education courses make it easier for a young driver to get an unconditional license or save money on auto insurance. In many states, passing such a course is required for a driver under 18 to obtain a license at all. If you enroll in driver's education courses, what can you expect from them? (more...)
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