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Important Change in California Licensing Law

3 years 31 weeks ago by mixedbin
California Drivers Licensing Law
A new policy signed into California law on October 3rd will allow illegal immigrants to obtain driver�۪s licenses in the state. According to a recent study by the University of Southern California, 2.6 million people residing there, the majority of them latino, are without legal residency status. This marks a major change in policy as the state tries to push its immigration priorities ahead of federal policy that has so far been unable to address sweeping national legislation. (more...)
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Why Highway Driving Practice is Important

3 years 31 weeks ago by Sarah Guppy Vidra
Highway Driving Practice
A lot of people are scared of driving on highways, especially those who are new to the process and who have little experience. In most cases, these people are learners; those who have recently passed their test, and those who have lost their confidence due to an accident. Some people will even go as far as to completely avoid driving down highways altogether. (more...)
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What to Do When Your Car is Broken Into

3 years 31 weeks ago by Sarah Guppy Vidra
Broken Into car
It's a horrible experience to open your car's front door only to discover that it was broken into. Your initial reaction might be of panic, anger, fear, or confusion. But none of those can help you. If ever you find yourself in this situation, remember to take a deep breath, and do the following. (more...)
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Texting and Driving in the News

3 years 31 weeks ago by Sarah Guppy Vidra
Text and Drive
Texting and driving continues to make the news, especially since people still do it despites suggesting that it�۪s a bad idea. It�۪s also a hot topic because the New Year introduced new laws prohibiting texting and driving in several states, while other states still lack distracted driving laws. What�۪s the big deal, and what are states and cities doing about this? Here�۪s a quick news roundup of texting and driving. (more...)
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How to Harness your road rage

3 years 31 weeks ago by Sarah Guppy Vidra
Harness your road rage
Back in the early days of vehicle travel, road rage was a difficult piece of mental anguish to contract. Typically there were only a few cars in a single town. Today with millions of drivers on the road, catching a hint of road rage is as common as catching a breath. (more...)
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How Would the Driverless Car Affect Driving Laws?

3 years 31 weeks ago by Sarah Guppy Vidra
Driverless Car
In life-threatening scenarios where his mind is not 100% concentrated on his driving, who would then do the driving for him? This is probably the time to be thankful with today�۪s technology as there are now cars that can be effectively operated with minimal input required from the driver, and that is through an automated car, or popularly known as the driverless car. (more...)
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Decoding the Myths to Beating Traffic Violations

3 years 31 weeks ago by Sarah Guppy Vidra
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Basic Car Maintenance Every Teen Driver Should Know

3 years 31 weeks ago by Sarah Guppy Vidra
Car Maintenance for teens
Many teens get their driver's license even without knowing anything about basic car maintenance. However, this knowledge can save them from a lot of headaches, and more importantly, from dangerous situations. For their own good, teens should know how to do the following. (more...)
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17 Tips and Tricks for Driving in Severe Weather

3 years 31 weeks ago by Sarah Guppy Vidra
Tornado Highway
Severe weather (of all kinds) can cause many problems for anybody caught by surprise out on the road; here are a number of tips and tricks that you can use in order to stay safe. (more...)
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