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California DMV Motorcycle Practice Test


Motorcycle written practice test

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California DMV Motorcycle Test: What You Need to Know

Passing the California DMV Motorcycle Test on the first try is not only possible, but necessary. The State of California allows prospective applicants to take the test only three times.

Applicants are encouraged to review the California Driver and Motorcycle Driver Handbook, and the Driving Knowledge Tutorial, all of which are available as interactive pages or as PDF downloads at the CA DMV website. Practice tests and cheat sheets are also a great way to prepare for the test. Unlike manuals and handbooks issued by the state, only practice tests simulate the actual test format, providing test takers a realistic example they can attempt multiple times before they confront the actual test.

There are 25 questions on the test, 20 of which must be answered correctly to receive a passing grade. All tested information is derived from the above mentioned handbooks. Persons under 18 require both parental consent and must hold an M1 or M2 permit for at least six months before taking the test. Applicants under 21 must complete an approved motorcycle rider training course and prove successful completion with supportive documentation. They must also pass an on-road California DMV motorcycle test. An on-road test waiver is given to individuals 21 and over who successfully complete an approved motorcyclist training course.

California's DMV motorcycle permit restrictions are as follows: One cannot drive on highways. One cannot drive during hours of darkness. One cannot transport passengers. Wearing a helmet is the law in California. Aside from risking one's life by not wearing a helmet, one can incur fines up to $250.00 and the penalty of a year's probation.