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Florida DMV Teen Permit Practice Test


Florida Written Driving Practice Test

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Florida DMV Permit Test: What You Need to Know

An individual who is planning to get a driver’s license in Florida is required to complete certain tests before getting on the road, according to the law. But, before he can take a test, he should take a Florida DMV permit test first. This test will determine if he is qualified to drive on the road or not.

Age a Person Can Take the Florida DMV Teen Permit Test

You must be at least 15 years of age to take the test. Parental consent is required, so the parent or guardian has to accompany you to the Florida DMV and must show legal guardianship before giving the test. You must also provide proof that you have completed a Traffic Law and Substance Education course.

Number of Questions on the Florida DMV Permit Test

The number of questions in a DMV test may vary from what a specific state requires. In Florida, a permit test typically consists of 40 questions, most of which are about traffic regulations and road signs. The Florida DMV Permit test has 20 questions about road signs and 20 questions about road rules. To be able to pass the test, an applicant needs at least 15 correct answers in each section.

Requirements for Teen Applicants

Teen applicants have to undergo several processes before taking a Florida DMV permit test. This involves taking driver education, obtaining a learner’s license and then getting lots of practice behind the wheel. Teens with their permit are also subject to a couple of restrictions. If he has an instruction permit, he cannot drive with a passenger. He must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and should not ride on a freeway. Also, for the first three months, teens can only drive during daylight hours. After that, they can drive until 10 p.m.


What to Do Before Taking the Florida DMV Teen Permit Test


The first thing an applicant needs to do is to review the different types of road signs and rules in Florida. The test is all about the driving signs and rules so he has to make an intensive review. He can review online or simply read the DMV manual for information. The test will be based from the manual which can be acquired for free online or at the DMV office.