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Louisiana OMV Motorcycle Practice Test


Motorcycle written practice test

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Louisiana OMV Motorcycle Test: What You Need to Know

The State of Louisiana has a set of requirements that people must meet in order to obtain a motorcycle permit.  One of the requirements is to take a written knowledge test.  The Louisiana OMV motorcycle test covers basic knowledge and information about how to safely operate a motorcycle, which is required in order to pass the test.

Louisiana Motorcycle Permit Restrictions

Compared to other states, Louisiana tends to be fairly liberal in its policies towards motorcycle owners.  As such, the state does not place a whole lot of restrictions on motorcycle permit holders.  A Department of Transportation-approved helmet and eye protection are required while riding a motorcycle in the state of Louisiana, just like any other state. Also, annual inspections are required to make sure that the motorcycle is in good working order. Louisiana does not allow motorcycle permit owners to carry passengers on the seat of the motorcycle, drive during dark hours, or drive on highways.


State Age Restrictions

The minimum age for obtaining a motorcycle permit in the state is 18.  In order to obtain a motorcycle license, one must first have a valid driver's license and a motorcycle learner's permit in order to obtain a full motorcycle license.  Upon passing the skills and written tests, one will be able to obtain a motorcycle license.

Helmet Laws

Regardless of age, everyone operating a motorcycle must have a helmet.  The helmet must be worn at all times according to state law. The motorcycle helmet also must have sufficient eye protection. A face shield is considered to be the best form of eye protection, as goggles do not provide sufficient protection to the face. The helmet laws are designed to make sure that the rider is protected while on the motorcycle. The helmet must provide a snug fit on the on the person's head, as well as being certified by the Department of Transportation.  Additionally, the motorcycle helmet must be in good shape and must not have any significant damage or wear and tear.

How Many Questions are On the Test?

On the real Louisiana OMV motorcycle test, there are 25 multiple choice questions. Additionally, there is a mandatory driving skills test to determine a person's ability to operate a motorcycle. The Louisiana OMV motorcycle test questions are based off of the Louisiana OMV motorcycle manual. The skills test requires the individual to provide his or her own motorcycle. However, passing a practice test does not guarantee passing the real test.

How Many Questions Do You Need to Get Right?

In order to obtain a motorcycle permit, it is necessary to get 20 questions correct on the Louisiana OMV motorcycle test.  Also, it is necessary to perform in a satisfactory manner on the motorcycle skills test.  This will involve demonstrating the proper ability to signal, brake, and generally be a responsible motorcycle owner.