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Maryland MVA Teen Permit Practice Test


Maryland Written Driving Practice Test

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Maryland MVA Permit Test: What You Need to Know

Fuel Your Maryland MVA Teen Permit Test Tank with Knowledge

Teens hoping to obtain a learner's permit in the state of Maryland must first pass the Maryland MVA permit test. Permit tests are easy enough to pass, though notoriously random. Fifty percent of individuals (regardless of age) fail their first attempt at a Maryland MVA learner's permit test (according to the Maryland MVA permit test website). Presumably this failure rate is owed to insufficient study. Considering the time and money it costs to continuously take the permit test, acing it on the first try, or in as few attempts as possible, is advisable. Here are a few facts about the test, what to expect, and study tips to bear in mind.

First Things First

In the state of Maryland, 15 years and nine months is the minimum age one must be to apply for a learner's permit. If under 16, the applicant must provide a sealed Learner's Permit School Attendance Certification form (DL-300), obtainable at the Maryland MVA teen permit test website. Other requisites include the vision and road test. The written test, or the Maryland MVA teen permit test, is an English-only computerized test. It consists of 25 questions, 22 of which must be answered correctly for a passing grade of 85%. The test is timed. All applicants, without exception, have 15 minutes to complete the test. Failure to do so requires a retest.

To study for the test, one should begin by familiarizing oneself with the Maryland Driver's Manual, available as a PDF download in both English and Spanish. After one acquires a basic idea of road rules and traffic sign identification, one should move on to practice tests and study sheets. While driver's manuals lay out all pertinent driving info, only practice tests and study sheets simulate the actual test format. This is by far a superior method to facilitate deep learning and more effectively prepare for the Maryland MVA teen permit test. The Maryland MVA also has an online driver test tutorial and an app, which allows one to take very simple, mini practice tests on one's mobile device or computer.

With one's permit, one must complete and log 60 hours of practice driving under the tutelage of a driving instructor or licensed parent/guardian. Ten of these practice hours must encompass hours before sunrise and after sunset.


One can only drive when supervised by an adult 21 and over who has held a license for at least three years. The adult's license must allow them to operate vehicles of the same class as the underage driver, and the adult must be in the front passenger seat and wearing a seat belt at all times. Use of cell phones or other handheld mobile devices is prohibited by law for drivers of all ages.