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There are several occupations that will require you to School and take tests to become a driver and if you want to be one of the CDL drivers on the road you will need to find a school in your area for hands on driving experience.

If you are trying to enter into the job market there are several fields that you can go into but if don't want the cost of a 4 year college degree then you may want to consider a trade like truck driving. When you select a trade you will want to try and pick up something that you can take with you no matter what state you live in. CDL drivers are more then just truckers they are also able to drive a school bus, limos, taxi's and much more.

Just think of how a career as a driver could change your life. Take school bus driving for example, this is something that you may consider if you have young children at home and do not make enough to cover the childcare costs. This would allow you to be around when your children are off from school. Another advantage is you would be off in the summer when they are off. This would work out well when they have teacher days and holidays too.

CDL drivers can pick up work with local grocery stores, moving stock or a furniture store moving things from their warehouse. Sometimes beverage companies will hire CDL drivers to move several racks of beverages for their customers on a daily basis. Then there are jobs that take you on the road for long hauls if you are interested in driving long distances. You may have an opportunity to move automobiles for a car dealership.These are just some of the examples of the various types of work you could to apply for along with the right CDL Training and Education.