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What To Do If Your Teen Driver Moves To A New State During Driver's Training

4 years 39 weeks ago by Elizabeth Erickson
teen drivers license requirements in new state
Getting a driver's license is a new, exciting and typically nerve-wracking experience for parents of a teenage driver. The process can be complicated when the new driver moves to a different state while studying for the driving exam. You will need to learn what qualifications will be required of your teen driver in the new state of residence. However, the basics of safe, responsible driving are important regardless of the state in which a new teen driver resides. (more...)
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How Car Insurance Laws Vary From State To State

4 years 39 weeks ago by Elizabeth Erickson
car insurance
If you are a licensed driver with a registered vehicle in the United States, it is imperative that you have at least the state minimum requirements when it comes to car insurance. This can help to protect you and others in the event of an accident or damage to your car. Each state has the ability to write and enforce its own laws when it comes to vehicle insurance requirements, but full faith and credit ensures that motorists traveling from state to state are covered under their original state's laws. (more...)
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Moving To A State With Emissions Testing: What Drivers Need To Know

4 years 39 weeks ago by Elizabeth Erickson
Emission Test and Laws
When you move from a state or municipality that does not have emissions testing to a state or municipality that does have emissions testing, you might might be concerned over the potential of your vehicle not passing emissions testing. But most vehicles successfully pass emissions tests while others are exempted (more...)
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Transferring A Motorcycle Permit After Moving

4 years 39 weeks ago by Elizabeth Erickson
Taking the test for transferring motorcycle license
When you move to a new state, you need to be sure to get your motorcycle permit moved as well. This involves going to the DMV office in the state you now live with the driver's license and permit that you had from your previous address. The DMV will have you take a written test to ensure you are familiar with the state driving laws. Once you pass, you will be issued a permit or license for that state. (more...)
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Instilling Good Driving Skills In Your Teen

4 years 39 weeks ago by Elizabeth Erickson
Obey laws to set a good driving example for your teen
To a teenager, getting a driver's license is a monumental achievement. Although you as a parent want your teen to be as independent as possible, you must teach them good driving skills before they go out on their own. How do you instill those good skills in your teen driver? (more...)
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Applying For A handicapped Plate After Moving

4 years 39 weeks ago by Elizabeth Erickson
Handicap Plate
If you have moved to a new state and are handicapped, you will want to be sure you apply for a new handicapped plate with the state you now live in. The plate does not always transfer over from one state to another. The DMV may require that you submit documentation from your doctor and go into a local office to take a written exam. A DMV practice test can help you prepare for this test. (more...)
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Teaching Your Teen To Drive Safely

4 years 39 weeks ago by Elizabeth Erickson
Safe Driving for Teens
As a parent of a teen driver, it is only natural that you worry about your child and the idea of him or her getting behind the wheel of a several-ton vehicle. However, there are plenty of steps you can take toward teaching your child safe driving habits, so that you can enjoy greater peace of mind once he or she inevitably obtains a driver's license. Many parents are most worried about the possibility of their teens getting into an accident, especially since a teen's first few years of driving tend to be the most likely time for a collision to occur. Parents should set their minds at ease--at least a little--by learning that the majority of accidents that involve teen drivers do not result in serious injury. You can help to prevent your teen from engaging in unsafe driving habits by sitting down and having a talk with them about driver safety. Here are some tips you may wish to arm your own child with. (more...)
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Tips For Licensed Drives On Passing The Driver's Test In Their New State

4 years 39 weeks ago by Elizabeth Erickson
Getting a new license in your new state
When you move from one state to the next, you'll need to get a new license in your new home. Most states require a written exam to test you on your knowledge, so you will want to be prepared to pass the test the first time. (more...)
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Graduated Driver Licensing Programs For Teen Drivers

4 years 39 weeks ago by Elizabeth Erickson
Teen License laws
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How To Find The Best Deals On Motorcycle Insurance

4 years 39 weeks ago by Elizabeth Erickson
Deals on Motorcycle Insurance
Are you tired of feeling like you are overpaying for your motorcycle insurance? If so, it may be time to shop around for a better deal on your premium. Regardless of where you live or how much coverage you need, there are most likely some ways in which you could go about saving a significant amount of money on your bike insurance. This is especially true if it has been more than 12 months since the last time you shopped around. (more...)
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