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Parenting Guide For Parents of Teen Drivers

4 years 36 weeks ago by Elizabeth Erickson
Learning what to do in driving situations
The moment that your teen driver receives his or learner's permit is a moment that you won't soon forget. As much as you love your child, you also can't help worrying about what might happen when your teenager hits the open road. While you'll typically take the time to show your teen the basics of driving, work with your younger driver on different types of roads and ensure that your teenager reads all the testing materials carefully, you also want to take the time to sit down and discuss the potential hazards with your new driver (more...)
Posted under: Good Driving Skills

Common Traffic Safety Laws That May Vary By State

4 years 36 weeks ago by Elizabeth Erickson
Check speed limits that may differ from state to state
If you are moving from one state to another, or even passing through a state on a road trip, it is possible that driving laws will vary. If you are not aware of these laws, you may be at risk for a ticket or arrest if you commit a violation. Here are some common traffic safety laws that may vary by state. (more...)
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Preparing For Your Written Drivers Examination

4 years 36 weeks ago by Elizabeth Erickson
Practice for your written driving test
The prospect of getting your driver's license for the first time can certainly be an exciting one. However, if you are a poor test taker or are nervous about the written exam for any other reason, then you may not be feeling all too confident about passing. (more...)
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Tips For Parents Of Teen Drivers

4 years 36 weeks ago by Elizabeth Erickson
Have teens pay for their insurance
As a parent of a teenager who is learning to drive or already has their license, you have a lot to think about. Although you want your kids to be independent, you also know that he or she still need rules and guidelines to ensure safety on the road. What can parents of teen drivers do to help their children stay safe? (more...)
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Ways To Use Your Cell Phone to Remind You To Renew Your Driver's License

4 years 36 weeks ago by Elizabeth Erickson
Cell Phones to remind you on renewal dates
New technologies are constantly making life easier for drivers. Although there are many dangers associated with driving and cellphones, drivers can use cellphones to help them. While it�۪s never a good idea to use your cellphone in any way while driving, you can program your smartphone to help you remember renew your driver�۪s license. (more...)
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How Parents Influence Their Teen's Driving

4 years 36 weeks ago by Elizabeth Erickson
Parents setting good driving habits for teens
Even though it may seem that your teenager is trying hard to be as unlike you as possible, you have more influence than you might imagine. If you have bad driving habits, your teen is very likely to develop many of the same habits. Think about the following tips, so that you can be a good driving role model. (more...)
Posted under: Parents of Teens

Chopper, Low Rider, Traditional Bike: Which Style Is Best For You?

4 years 36 weeks ago by Elizabeth Erickson
Motorcycle options: which style is best for you
Motorcycles come in many varieties and so do the people who own and ride them. Knowing which type is best for you depends on several factors, including riding experience, the type of riding to be done and the size of the rider. Motorcycles have evolved into highly specialized vehicles over the decades and can suit many needs and riding styles. (more...)
Posted under: Chopper

Driving at Night: How to Stay Safe While Driving After Dark

4 years 36 weeks ago by Elizabeth Erickson
Driving at night
Driving at night is a lot different than driving during the day. At night, you have lower visibility as well as colder temperatures to contend with. What can you do to stay safe when you are driving after dark? (more...)
Posted under: After Dark

Checklist For Drivers Moving to A Different State

4 years 36 weeks ago by Elizabeth Erickson
Checklist for drivers after a move
If you are about to move to another state, there are steps you need to take to ensure that your ability to drive isn't compromised. Although some states may have more requirements than others, here are some universal steps that you must take regardless of what state you move to. (more...)
Posted under: Insurance

Getting Over The Fear Of Learning How To Drive

4 years 36 weeks ago by Elizabeth Erickson
Learning How To Drive
Learning to drive a car can be an intimidating experience. You are in control of a 3,000-pound vehicle traveling at speeds of up to 75 miles per hour. However, in today's mobile society, driving can easily become a necessity. What can you do to get over your fear of driving and gain your independence? (more...)
Posted under: Learning to Drive