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Connecticut Driver's License

Are there any maneuvers I should expect to complete on my CT Driving Exam?

On your CT Driving Exam, you will have to demonstrate to your examiner that you know how to approach an intersection, parallel park, yield the right-of-way, back up effectively and safely and follow cars at a safe distance. The examiner will also want to make sure you maintain the proper posture for driving a vehicle.

Am I allowed to wear my contacts or glasses?

Yes. If you wear contacts or glasses regularly to be able to see, you should most definitely wear your contacts or glasses for your CT Driving Exam.

How can I schedule my CT Road Test?

You can schedule your CT Road Test by either calling 860-263-5700 if you live within the Hartford area or outside of Connecticut or 800-842-8222 if you live in other areas of Connecticut.

Where do I take my CT Driving Exam?

The answer to this question varies depending on where you completed your driving training. If you completed your training through a commercial school or at home, you can take your test at a local DMV office. Otherwise, you can take your CT Driving Exam at a secondary driver's training school.

Do I need to know how to parallel park?

Yes. You will need to know how to parallel park as you will be required to perform this maneuver on your CT Driving Exam.

Do I need to supply my own car for my CT Driving Exam?

Yes. You must supply a vehicle for your CT Driving Exam that is in good working condition. The vehicle must also be properly insured. If you are enrolled in a driving school you may use the school's vehicle.

How should I practice driving for my CT Driving Exam?

Before your CT Driving Exam, you should practice and develop a number of safe driving skills. You should feel comfortable accelerating smoothly and gradually, passing through intersections safely, change lanes effective, coming to a complete stop at stop signs and traffic signals, parking and parallel parking, maintaining the speed limit, staying in the correct lane and more. Remember during your exam, your primary responsibility is to demonstrate to your examiner that you know how to drive safely and effectively.

Where can I practice driving for my CT Driving Exam?

Anywhere in Connecticut as long as you are accompanied by a licensed driver who is 21 years old or older whenever you are behind the wheel. You should begin practice in areas with which you are familiar then progress to different areas that will test your driving knowledge and your adaptability to different driving situations.

Is the CT Permit Test open book?

No. You are not allowed to use your CT Driver's Manual or any other study materials during your CT Permit Test.
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