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Idaho Driver's License

Who is allowed to be in the car with me during my ID Driving Exam?

During your ID Driving Exam, your examiner, a foreign language translator (or sign language interpreter) and a parent or legal guardian if you are under 18 are all persons allowed to be in the car with you while you are taking your AR Driving Exam.

What happens if I fail my ID Driving Exam?

If you fail the ID Driving Exam, you will not receive your ID Driver's License. You will be able to retake the exam after three days have passed. However, you should not rush retaking it after you have failed. You should pay attention to what your examiner indicates as your weaknesses, and you should work upon improving your driving skills.

What happens after I pass my ID Driving Exam?

After you pass your ID Driving Exam, you will need to take your test results, which will be inside a sealed envelope, to the Idaho Department of Transportation. There, you will receive your license.

Do I need to get car insurance?

Yes. You must carry liability insurance able to cover at least $25,000 for each person of the other vehicle, $50,000 per accident and $15,000 property damage.

Are there any common mistakes that I should avoid making?

You should avoid driving dangerously, driving too quickly, hitting other objects, forgetting to signal, rolling stops and parking incorrectly. Always maintain good posture and signal well in advance.

Are there any tips that I should follow to help me pass my ID Driving Exam?

Your examiner wants to see that you are capable of driving safely and effectively. During your ID Driving Exam, you want to make sure that you are not driving too quickly or too slowly; you want to accelerate smoothly and gradually. Obey all stop signs and traffic signals, do not tailgate other vehicles and stay in the correct lane. You should also know what various street signs and traffic signals indicate to drivers on the road.

How should I practice driving for my ID Driving Exam?

You should practice and develop a number of safe driving skills. You should feel comfortable accelerating smoothly and gradually, passing through intersections safely, changing lanes effectively, coming to a complete stop at stop signs and traffic signals, sharing the road with other drives, maintaining the speed limit, staying in the correct lane and more. Remember during your exam, your primary responsibility is to demonstrate to your examiner that you know how to drive safely and effectively.
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