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What documents must I fill out at the DMV to get my permit/driver’s license?

You must fill out an application for an instructional permit or driver’s license at a local DDS Customer Service Center. After paying the $10 permit fee, you will be given a written knowledge exam. If you fail the test once, you can retake it again the next day. If you fail the test twice, you can retake the test in seven days. If you fail three or more time, you can retake the test in 30 days.

Once I get my permit, what do I need to do before I can drive with my parents?
Teens who have an instruction permit may drive with a parent if they have a valid Georgia driver’s license. The Parent/Teen Guide provides suggestions to help parents prepare their teens for the responsibilities of driving. The lessons include how to operate a motor vehicle in a parking lot, on a rural highway, on a freeway and in the city. If neither parent has a valid driver’s license, a friend or relative can conduct the guided practice sessions.