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What documents must I fill out at the DMV to get my permit/driver’s license?

Anyone who resides in Idaho must apply for a driver’s license within 90 days of moving to Idaho, regardless whether their out-of-state license has expired or not. You must fill out an application for a Supervised Instruction Permit or a Class D License for underage drivers.

Applicants Under 17
• Submit proof that you have completed an approved driver-training program and met the requirements of the Idaho Graduated Driver’s License Program.

Applicants Under 18
• You need to have a birth parent or legal guardian with you to sign the Liability Signer consent form.

Applicants With Driver’s License or Identification Card
• You are required to surrender any driver’s license or identification card issued by another state, U.S. Territory, Puerto Rico or the District of Columbia when applying for an Idaho driver’s license. You do not have to surrender a driver’s license issued by a foreign country, but you are not allowed to use it for the purpose of operating a motor vehicle.

Once I get my permit, what do I need to do before I can drive with my parents?
You can practice driving with your parents, legal guardian of any person who is 21 years or older. They must have a valid driver’s license and sit next to you in the passenger seat at all times. You must accumulate at least 50 hours of supervised driving including 10 hours at night before applying for a driver’s license.

During the six-month instruction period, your permit may be canceled under the following conditions:

• You are convicted of violating Idaho traffic laws
• You violate any of the permit restrictions
• The DMV suspends your driving privileges

You will have to apply for a new Supervised Instruction Permit and begin the process over again.