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What driver’s education is required?

The minimum requirements that must be met before you can apply for a California provisional permit include the following:

Driver Education
• Complete 25 hours of classroom instruction (this does not include meal times or breaks).
• Complete a home study or Internet training program that is equivalent to the classroom instruction.

Driver Training
• Complete 6 hours of driver training behind the wheel (time as an observer in the motor vehicle does not count toward the required 6 hours).
• Driver training behind the wheel cannot exceed more than two hours each day.

Consider choosing a driving school that is in your area. This will make is easier to learn how to drive when you are familiar with the streets. Anyone over the age of 17 and a half but under 18 can obtain a provisional permit without completing driver education and driver training courses. However, applicants will not be eligible to take the driving test until they turn 18.