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CDL HazMat Endorsement H Practice Test

Pass the CDL Hazmat Endorsement Test on your very first try! Take our FREE Practice Test for the ultimate test preparation. Our practice tests have 25 multiple choice questions straight from the handbook and give immediate feedback.

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Hazardous Materials Endorsement Test: What You

USDOT Hazardous Materials Transportation Placards on rear of a Fuel Tanker
Hazmat Placard on rear of Fuel Tanker

Need to Know

Receiving your hazardous materials endorsement isn't easily, especially since it's a 90-day process that involves much more than passing a test. It's also a very expensive process, and since the test is one of the few things you can control, tools like hazardous materials practice tests are helpful in ensuring that you don't miss the endorsement because you failed the test. Here's what you need to know about the hazardous materials endorsement test.

What's On the Test

To do well on the Hazmad CDL practice tests and to earn the endorsement, test takers must know how to:

  • Recognize shipments of hazardous materials or wastes.
  • Safely load shipments.
  • Correctly placard.
  • Safely transport shipments.

Who Needs the Test

Essentially, the HAZMAT endorsement test is for anyone operating vehicles carrying hazardous materials. This primarily includes tanker and truck drivers working for transportation, environmental services, petroleum, and other hazardous material companies. Most positions require the endorsement before being hired.

It's highly recommended that your prepare for the test by taking at least one Hazmat CDL practice test. Because of the safety and security involved in these positions, receiving the endorsement is a lengthy process and is much more than the test. Therefore, practicing with Hazmat CDL practice tests ensure that you can pass the endorsement test on the first try.

What You Need for the Test

First of all, you need to have a commercial driver's license. If you don't yet have one, then you need to get this license first before applying for the endorsement or preparing with hazardous materials practice tests. Once you have the commercial license, then you need to apply for the HAZMAT endorsement separately. Once the application is processed, you will then be authorized to take the test.

Second of all, obtaining the endorsement is much more than passing the test. It also involves having your fingerprints taken by the police as well as an Application for Security Threat Assessment, as required by the US Patriot Act. You'll also undergo an immigration check and an intelligence-related check. You must receive federal approval from the Department of Homeland Security to get the endorsement, even if you've passed the test.

CDL Sample Test Questions

A "transport index" refers to products that are _______.
  • Radioactive.
  • Overweight.
  • Liquid.
  • Dry.
A placarded vehicle must have at least ______ identical placards.
  • Two.
  • Four.
  • One.
  • Three.
A qualified person should always watch the person in charge of loading and unloading a cargo tank. This person should be within how many feet of the tank?
  • 30 ft.
  • 35 ft.
  • 25 ft.
  • 50 ft.
Cargo heaters are typically forbidden except for the transportation of ______?
  • Class 1 (Explosives).
  • Class 3 (Flammable Liquids).
  • Class 2.1 (Flammable Gas).
  • All of the listed answers.
Drivers should keep the shipping papers of hazardous materials _______.
  • On the driver's seat when out of the vehicle.
  • In clear view within immediate reach while the seat belt is fastened.
  • In the pouch on the driver's door.
  • All of the listed answers.


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