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Class C CDL with Hazmat Endorsement Practice Test

Pass the CDL Class C w/Hazmat Test on your very first try! Take our FREE Practice Test for the ultimate test preparation. Our practice tests have 25 multiple choice questions straight from the handbook and give immediate feedback.
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Class C CDL with HAZMAT Endorsement Practice Test

If your job requires you to carry hazardous materials (HAZMAT), it’s even more critical that you’re fully prepared for such an important responsibility. Our free CDL practice test gives you twice the preparation in a single quiz—it helps you study not only for your Class C commercial driver’s license, but also preps you for the HAZMAT endorsement exam you’ll need to take along with your CDL test.

The Class C commercial license is specifically required whenever you’re carrying HAZMAT cargo or passengers, as well as for tank vehicles. We’ll test you on the info you need to earn this specific class of commercial driver’s license, with questions pulled directly from the FMCSA’s most up-to-date CDL regulations. You’ll also get questions on how to safely transport hazardous materials, including laws and restrictions that you’ll need to know to pass your endorsement exam. Your test includes 25 multiple-choice questions with real-time feedback so you know precisely which areas you need to go back and study. And since the test is free, you can take it as many times as necessary to ensure you’ve fully learned everything you need to know to be a safe commercial driver.

Class C CDL with HAZMAT Endorsement FAQs:

How do I get a HAZMAT endorsement in my state?

To get a HAZMAT endorsement on your Class C CDL, you’ll first need to pass the general CDL knowledge exam as well as the Class C-specific portion to earn the proper class of commercial license. In addition to a separate HAZMAT endorsement exam, these highly specialized endorsements also require a federal background check before you can take the endorsement test.

Can I take my Class C CDL test and HAZMAT endorsement test at the same time?

Most CDL holders earn their Class C commercial driver’s license first before going back to take their HAZMAT endorsement exam. This is because the HAZMAT endorsement requires a lengthy background check process. Once you’ve passed the background check, you can then add the HAZMAT endorsement to your Class C license.

What commercial vehicles require a Class C CDL?

Vehicles that require a Class C type commercial driver’s license include those transporting passengers, HAZMAT, or liquid in tanks.

CDL Sample Test Questions

A placarded vehicle must have at least ______ identical placards.
  • Two.
  • Four.
  • One.
  • Three.
As a driver hauling cargo, you are responsible for ______.
  • Knowing your cargo is secured properly.
  • Inspecting your cargo.
  • Recognizing when your vehicle is overloaded.
  • All of the listed answers.
For your pre-trip vehicle inspection test, your entry doors should be in what condition?
  • All of the listed answers.
  • Your entry doors should be undamaged.
  • Entry doors should operate smoothly from the outside.
  • Entry doors should be in working condition.
Generally, you may not drive a commercial motor vehicle if you are disqualified except ___________.
  • If you acquire a signed affidavit from an experienced driver.
  • There are no exemptions.
  • Have more than five years of driving experience.
  • None of the listed answers.
How should a shipper label hazardous materials?
  • Putting a label on a tag that is attached to the product.
  • Putting a label on the package.
  • Putting a label on the product.
  • All of the listed answers.


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