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  • 1.You must check that the ____ do not have cracks or frays.
    • All of the listed answers. - You Answered Correct
  • 2.If your transit bus is equipped with a handicap lift, it is important that you check for ______.
    • All of the listed answers. - You Answered Correct
  • 3.On your vehicle inspection test, what should you do to check that your tire is inflated properly?
    • Use a tire gauge. - You Answered Correct
  • 4.If you are applying for a Class A CDL, you will be required to perform ___ of the ____ versions of a pre-trip inspection in the vehicle you have brought with you for testing.
    • One, four. - You Answered Correct
  • 5.If your vehicle is equipped with a cargo lift, you need to ________.
    • Explain how it should be checked for correct operation. - You Answered Correct
  • 6.Which of the following is a reason why it is so important for the bus driver to inspect the bus' interior at the end of his shift?
    • Mechanics can make repairs before the bus driver drive the bus again. - You Answered Correct
  • 7.The recommended safe distance to stop before a drawbridge is _______.
    • 50 ft. - You Answered Correct
  • 8.Bus drivers can carry small amounts of certain hazardous materials. However, the total amount of hazardous materials should not exceed what amount?
    • 500 lbs. - You Answered Correct
  • 9.If while driving a bus you see a drawbridge, stop ____ ft. before it. This is the recommended safe distance.
    • 50 ft. - You Answered Correct
  • 10.Which of the following is the shipper required to put on the package of a hazardous material?
    • All of the listed answers. - You Answered Correct
  • 11.Which of the following is a good indicator that you are driving your bus too fast for a banked curve?
    • If your bus leans toward the outside on a banked curve. - You Answered Correct
  • 12.Bus drivers cannot carry more than _______ lbs of solid Class 6 poisons.
    • 100 - You Answered Correct
  • 13.The brake-door interlocks _________.
    • Apply the brakes and hold the throttle in idle position when the rear door is open. - You Answered Correct
  • 14.Which of the following are common bus parts that passengers may damage?
    • All of the listed answers. - You Answered Correct
  • 15.The interlock applies the brakes and holds the throttle in idle position. The interlock releases the brakes when ______.
    • When you close the rear door. - You Answered Correct
  • 16.Your car's ABS will help you avoid ________.
    • Your wheel locking up. - You Answered Correct
  • 17.What should you consider before making the decision to evacuate yourself and the students?
    • All of the listed answers. - You Answered Correct
  • 18.For school bus drivers, the danger zone is _______.
    • The area on all sides of a school bus. - You Answered Correct
  • 19.The flashing lights on an active railroad-highway crossing are what color?
    • Red. - You Answered Correct
  • 20.Once you have completed your school route, check for ________.
    • All of the listed answers. - You Answered Correct
  • 21.If the school bus is so equipped, the school bus driver should activate the bus' alternating flashing amber warning lights in accordance with state law or at least ______ before the school bus stop.
    • 200 ft. - You Answered Correct
  • 22.Why should you frequently walk through the bus?
    • To check for sleeping students or items left behind. - You Answered Correct
  • 23.The _______ establishes the official routes and official school bus stops.
    • Each school district. - You Answered Correct
  • 24.You should turn on your right turn signal indicator ______ seconds before pulling over.
    • 3-5 seconds. - You Answered Correct
  • 25.When is it mandatory to have students evacuate the bus?
    • All of the listed answers. - You Answered Correct