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  • 1.If your vehicle is equipped with a cargo lift, you need to ________.
    • Explain how it should be checked for correct operation. - You Answered Correct
  • 2.You must check that the ____ do not have cracks or frays.
    • All of the listed answers. - You Answered Correct
  • 3.It's necessary to pass the pre-trip vehicle inspection test when?
    • Before you can proceed to the basic vehicle control skills test. - You Answered Correct
  • 4.Tires should be replaced ________.
    • When the tread depth on your front tires is less than 4/32 deep. - You Answered
    • All of the listed answers. - Correct Answer
  • 5.The air pressure governor cut-out is typically within what psi range?
    • 120-140 psi. - Correct Answer
    • 100-120 psi. - You Answered
  • 6.Bus drivers should not carry more than _____ lbs. total of allowed hazardous materials.
    • 500 lbs. - Correct Answer
    • 25 lbs. - You Answered
  • 7.In good weather, the posted speed for curves is safe for cars, but it may be _______ for many buses.
    • Too high. - You Answered Correct
  • 8.Bus drivers cannot carry more than _______ lbs of solid Class 6 poisons.
    • 50 - You Answered
    • 100 - Correct Answer
  • 9.If while driving a bus you see a drawbridge, stop ____ ft. before it. This is the recommended safe distance.
    • 50 ft. - Correct Answer
    • 100 ft. - You Answered
  • 10.If your bus has a manual transmission, you should never ________.
    • Change gears while crossing railroad tracks. - You Answered Correct
  • 11.As you check the outside of the bus, _______ before driving.
    • Close any open access panels. - Correct Answer
    • All of the listed answers. - You Answered
  • 12.You must have spare electrical fuses for your bus, unless __________.
    • Your bus is equipped with circuit breakers. - Correct Answer
    • The bus uses an automatic transmission. - You Answered
  • 13.Which of the following parts of your bus needs to be in safe working condition before driving?
    • All of the listed answers. - You Answered Correct
  • 14.The brake-door interlocks _________.
    • Apply the brakes and hold the throttle in idle position when the rear door is open. - You Answered Correct
  • 15.The driver's seat should have a seat belt except when ______.
    • This is a trick question. The driver's seat always needs to have a seat belt. - You Answered Correct
  • 16.How should the outside crossover mirrors be adjusted?
    • All of the listed answers. - You Answered Correct
  • 17.When is it mandatory to have students evacuate the bus?
    • All of the listed answers. - You Answered Correct
  • 18.For school bus drivers, the danger zone may extend as much as ______ ft. from the front bumper.
    • 50 ft. - You Answered
    • 30 ft. - Correct Answer
  • 19.The flashing lights on an active railroad-highway crossing are what color?
    • Red. - You Answered Correct
  • 20.________ seconds before a school bus stop, if the bus is so equipped, you need to activate alternating flashing amber warning lights.
    • 5-10 seconds. - You Answered Correct
  • 21.What is the danger zone?
    • The area on all sides of a school bus. - You Answered Correct
  • 22.Advance warnings before passive railroad-highway crossings are ______.
    • Yellow and circular. - Correct Answer
    • Flashing and red. - You Answered
  • 23.The ABS malfunction lamps on school buses are ______.
    • Yellow. - Correct Answer
    • Red. - You Answered
  • 24.What is the first and most important consideration you should make during an emergency?
    • Evacuate the bus. - You Answered
    • Recognize the type of hazard. - Correct Answer
  • 25.When evacuating the bus you need to find a safe place that is at least how many feet away from the bus?
    • 100 ft. - You Answered Correct