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Frequently Asked Questions - After You Have Passed The IN Driving Exam (Or Road Test)

The price varies depending on your age, your driving history, your car class, your location and other factors.
New drivers and inexperienced drivers (especially teens) have a higher risk of being in an accident, insurance companies often charge more to cover them.
Yes. You will need to carry car insurance.
The documents that you will need vary depending on the insurance company to which you apply. Generally, insurance companies want you to submit proof of your identity, your driving record and information about the vehicle you would like to insure.
Once you have passed your IN Driving Exam, you will be issued your IN Driver's License.
If you are under 18, you will be issued a probationary license. To maintain this probationary license correctly, you are only allowed to licensed passengers who are 25 years old or older in the car with you. Additionally, during the first six months after you have received your probationary license, you will not be able to drive between 10 PM and 5 AM.
No. There are restrictions on your license if you are older than 18.