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What documents do I need to go to the DMV?

The Hawaii DMV requires every applicant to provide proof of identification, Social Security number and date of birth by submitting one of the following documents:

Acceptable Documents for Proof of Name and Birthdate
• State certified birth certificate with both parents listed or state certified birth identification card
• Valid United States passport
• Valid foreign passport with corresponding immigration documents
• Resident Alien Card
• Refugee identification card
• Hawaii State identification card with photo
• Military identification card
• United States immigration or naturalization papers
• Out-of-state driver’s license with photo

Acceptable Documents for Proof of Security Number
• Original Social Security Card
• Driver’s license with Social Security number and photo
• State of Hawaii identification card with photo
• Military identification card or DD-214
• Medicaid Identification card (Suffix A only)
• Income tax return form W-2

Acceptable Signature For Minor Applicants
• Both parents (married, separated or divorced with joint custody)
• Divorced parent with custody papers
• One parent if spouse deceased
• Legal guardian(s) with court documents
• Foster parent(s) with court documents
• Responsible person(s) if parents are deceased
• Employer if parents are deceased and no responsible(s) person

Acceptable Documents for Change of Name, Birthdate or Sex
• Naturalization Certificate
• Decree by the Lt. Governor’s Office
• Divorce decree with name change listed
• Hawaii Marriage Certificate issued by the Department of Health
• Out-of-state marriage certificate (state issued with seal)
• Certified statement by physician stating sex change is valid