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What are the requirements to apply for my driving permit?

The State of Iowa has the following requirements for applicants who wish to obtain an instruction permit or a Minor School License (MSL)

Instruction Permit
• You must be 14 years old.
• You will need to show proof of identity, residency and Social Security number.
• You will need to have written consent from your parent or legal guardian.
• You will need to pay a fee of $6.

All instruction permits are valid for a period of four years.

Minor School License
• You must be between the ages of 14 and a half to 18 years old.
• You need to have an instruction permit.
• You must have completed an approved driver education course.
• Your parents must give consent by signing the Statement or Necessity/Affidavit for School License form.
• You must pass a driving test.

Before applying for a school license, you must have held an instruction permit for six months and your driving record must not have any convictions for a moving violation or found at fault in an auto accident.