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What tests must I pass?

The Iowa DOT requires applicants to pass the following tests before an instruction permit or driver’s license will be issued:

Knowledge Test
• The knowledge test is to find out how well you know and understand Iowa traffic laws, road signs and the rules of safe driving.

Vision Screening
• Listed below are the Iowa vision screening requirements:
o Vision 20/40—No restrictions unless you wear glasses or contact lenses
o Less than 20/40 but at least 20/50—No driving when headlights are required
o Less than 20/50 but at least 20/70—No driving when headlights are required or at speeds over 35 miles per hour (mph)
o Less than 20/70—Not eligible for licensing

• Field of Vision
o 140 degrees or better—No restrictions
o Less than 140 degrees but at lest 115 degrees in single best eye (70 degrees temporal and 45 degrees nasal)—Left and right outside rearview mirrors will be required
o Less than 115 degrees—Not eligible for licensing

Driving Test
• The driving test is to show how well you can operate a motor vehicle. You must bring a licensed driver with you unless you can legally drive in Iowa. The license examiner will inspect the vehicle’s safety equipment, which includes:

o Seat belts
o Turn signals
o Horn
o Brake lights
o Tires
o Windshield wipers

• The vehicle should have a current registration sticker on the license plate. The registration receipt and proof of insurance should be in the vehicle.