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What are the requirements to apply for my driving permit?

The State of Indiana has a graduated driver’s license program and to obtain either a Learner’s Permit or a Driver Education Learner’s Permit, you must meet the following requirements:

• You must be at least 15 and a half years old to receive a Driver Education Permit.
• You must be at least 16 years old to receive a Learner’s Permit.
• You must be enrolled in an approved driver education program and provide proof by showing a valid Certificate of Driver Education Enrollment.
• You must be able to pass a written examination.
• You must be able to pass a vision-screening test.
• You will be asked to present documents of identification.
• You must provide your Social Security number or ineligibility letter.
• An adult must sign the financial responsibility form.

A Learner’s Permit is valid for one year and a Driver Education Learner’s Permit is valid until the driver turn 16 years and 3 months if it was issued before the driver turned 15 years and 3 months old. The fee for each permit is $9.