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Massachusetts RMV Motorcycle Practice Test


Motorcycle written practice test

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Massachusetts RMV Motorcycle Test: What You Need to Know

The Massachusetts (MA) Department of Transportation is responsible for motorcycle permitting and licensing in that state, which is accomplished through the Massachusetts RMV, or Registry of Motor Vehicles.  Applicants must be at least 16 years old to apply for a Class "M" motorcycle permit, which can be obtained after providing the necessary documentation and successfully passing the first two phases of the Massachusetts RMV motorcycle test.


Requirements For Acquiring an MA Motorcycle Permit

The process for obtaining an MA Class "M" motorcycle license endorsement includes taking the Massachusetts RMV motorcycle test, which consists of an eye screening for visual acuity, field of vision and basic color identification, a multiple-choice written exam and then, after a period of practice riding, a hands-on riding skills road test.  All applicants must have the written consent of a custodial parent, legal guardian, boarding school headmaster or a child guardian division representative to go through the motorcycle licensing process. If the signature is provided by anyone other than a parent, documentation showing their authority to do so must be provided at the time the written test is taken.

The written portion of the Massachusetts RMV motorcycle test consists of 25 questions, 18 of which must be answered correctly to receive a passing score. Once the eye screening and written exam are passed successfully, a permit will be issued, which will be valid for two years. Permit holders may apply to complete the final portion of the process to earn a motorcycle license endorsement, the hands-on road test, once they have reached the age of 18 years, provided their two-year motorcycle permit has not expired.


Applicants who have satisfied all the requirements of the MA JOL (Junior Operator's License) and have successfully completed the Massachusetts MREP (Rider Education Program) are allowed to take the road test once they have reached the age of 16 ½ years. Individuals who are already in possession of a valid MA driver's license may opt to complete the Massachusetts Motorcycle Rider Education Training Course and, in so doing, receive a waiver exempting them from having to take the hands-on road test to obtain a motorcycle endorsement on their standard operator's license.

Restrictions and Requirements of Permitted Riders

Certain limitations to which all individuals must adhere are placed on riders holding a Class "M" motorcycle permit.  Permitted riders are not allowed to carry passengers on their vehicles and may only operate their equipment during daylight hours, between sunrise and sunset. A permit holder may not ride his or her motorcycle into another state if that state has laws preventing this.


Wearing of a DOT-approved motorcycle safety helmet is required of all individuals operating or riding as a passenger on a motorcycle in the State of Massachusetts.  In addition, approved glasses, goggles or a face shield must be worn at all times when operating a motorcycle, unless the cycle is outfitted with an approved windshield or windscreen.