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What documents do I need to go to the DMV?

The Maine BMV requires applicants to submit proof of identity, residency, legal presence in the United States and a Social Security number with the following documents:

Proof of Identity—One document must have your date of birth and a second document must have your written signature.
• Adoption papers
• Baptismal records
• Birth certificate
• Certificate of marriage
• Citizenship papers
• Concealed weapons permit
• Copy of marital application
• Court order
• Divorce papers
• Draft card
• Driver education card
• Driver’s license
• Driver’s permit
• Medical record from a doctor or hospital
• Military dependent identification card
• Military identification card
• Parent or legal guardian (must appear in person and prove his or her identity and only applies to minors)
• Passport
• School records or transcripts (must be certified)
• Social Security card
• Unemployment card

Proof of Maine Residency
• Recent Maine driver’s license with physical address
• Maine vehicle registration
• Utility bill from electric, water, sewer or cell phone provider
• Maine resident fishing and/or hunting license
• Mortgage, lease agreement, insurance policy, insurance identification card or SR-22 insurance
• Tax bill or tax return
• Official document issued by a government agency
• Paycheck stub
• W-2
• Conditional order of restoration

Legal Presence—Citizens
• Birth certificate (must be a certified copy from a State Office of Vital Statistics or equivalent agency showing that the person was born in:
• A state of the United States
• The District of Columbia
• Puerto Rico (after January 12, 1941)
• Virgin Islands (after January 16, 1917)
• Guam (after April 11, 1899)
• American Samoa (after February 15, 1900)
• Swains Island (after March 3, 1925) or
• Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands (after January 8, 1978)
• Passport or passport card issued by the United States
• Consular report of birth abroad, certificate of report of birth or certification of report of birth
• Certificate of Naturalization
• Certificate of United States Citizenship
• United States Citizen Identification Card
• Identification card for Resident Citizen in the United States
• American Indian Card
• Northern Mariana identification card

Legal Presence—Non-Citizens
• Resident alien card or permanent resident card
• Memorandum of Creation of Record of lawful permanent residence
• I-94 documents with arrival and departure information or a foreign passport with a Processed for I-551 stamp or an I-551 Alien Documentation and Identification System stamp
• Temporary resident card
• Re-entry permit
• Employment authorization card
• Travel document or Refugee travel document
• I-94 Form stamped or endorsed or an arrival/departure card
• Notice of Action or other official notification showing period of admission
• Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (Form I-20) or DS-2019 endorsed or stamped
• A letter, order, appellate decision, I-94 with arrival/departure information or foreign passport stamped with Section 207 Refugee, Section 208 Asylee, Section 212(d)(5) Parolee or Cuban/Haitian Entrant, Section 243(h), Section 241(b)(3) or Conditional Entrant
• I-94 with arrival and departure information of Canadian passport coded S13
• Letter or tribal document showing the person is an American Indian born in Canada
• A letter, order, appellate decision or arrival/departure Form I-94 showing a grant of asylum
• Status as a special immigrant juvenile (must have a pending application)
• Letter acknowledging the person as a victim of crime as defined by the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act of 2000 or the Violence Against Women Act
• Letter of notice showing a grant of deferred action or Order of Supervision or similar status
• Any other documents issued by the United States Department of Justice or Homeland Security, including predecessor or successor federal agencies that have responsibility for implementing the Immigration and Nationality Act