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What documents do I need to go to the DMV?

The Mississippi Department of Public Safety requires all applicants to provide a driver’s license with photo from another state or a certified copy of their birth certificate. They must also present a valid Social Security card or a document from the Social Security Administration. The following additional requirements are listed below:

Applicants Under 18
• You must submit an original or certified copy your of birth certificate even if you have a valid license from another state.
• You must provide a Certification of School Attendance form issued by the school principal, headmaster, the county Superintendent of Education or a designee of the superintendent. The form must be less than 30 days old. If you are home-schooled, you can obtain a blank Certification of School Attendance form from the Superintendent of Education with the notarized signature of your parents.

Applicants Under 17
• If you are under 17 years of age, both parents must sign your application for a permit or license if they are alive and have legal custody of you. If neither of your parents is alive, then your legal guardian, employer or another responsible adult can sign your application. The signatures must be notarized. If you are under 17 and married, you must submit a marriage license instead of a School Certification of Attendance.

All Applicants Over 18
• You must show proof of Mississippi residency with a physical address (post office box numbers are not acceptable). If you are under 21, you may provide proof or your parent’s residence.

Non-Citizen Applicants
• You must submit valid immigration papers.
• You must submit a birth certificate translated from a university.
• You must submit a passport with valid I-94 card.
• You must show proof of residency.
• You must present your Alien Resident Card if you have one.

Name Change
• You must submit a document issued by a United States court to change the name on your license.