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What tests must I pass?

The State of Montana requires drivers to pass the following tests:

Written Exam
• The written exam consists of multiple-choice questions that cover the rules of the road, safe driving techniques and Montana traffic signs. You must correctly answer 27 out of 33 questions in order to pass the test.

Vision Exam
• You must be able to pass the vision exam with a visual acuity of 20/40 or better both eyes with or without using corrective lenses. You may receive a restricted license if your vision is between 20/50 and 20/70 without using corrective lenses. The restrictions may include only driving during daylight hours, no driving in inclement weather and only driving at certain speeds.

Driving Test
• The driving test is used to test your ability of how well you control the vehicle and obey all traffic laws. Your vehicle must be in good working order and have valid registration tags.