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What documents do I need to go to the DMV?

The North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles requires applicants to submit proof of age, identity, residency, liability insurance and Social Security number by submitting the following documents:

Proof of Age & Identity (Two documents are required and they must include your full name and date of birth)
• Valid unexpired driver license or state-issued identification card from anther state, U.S. territory, Puerto Rico or a Canadian province
• Driver license, learner permit or identification card with photo that has been expired less than one year (can be used as one form of identification)
• Valid unexpired driver license, learner permit or identification card without a photo (can be used as one form of identification)
• Certified birth certificate issued by a government agency in the United States, Puerto Rico, a U.S. territory or Canada, or U.S. Report of Consular Birth Abroad (Birth certificates issued by Puerto Rico prior to July 1, 2010 will not be accepted. No photocopies will be allowed unless they are certified by a government agency.)
• Social Security card or documentation issued by the United States government indicating legal presence.
• Official North Carolina school registration records signed by a school official, diploma or GED issued by a North Carolina school
• Unexpired United States military identification including DD-2, DD-214, Common Access Card and U.S. military dependent’s card
• Valid unexpired passport from any nation with unexpired INS stamp (I-94 or I-551) (A passport with a valid INS stamp counts as two documents.)
• Certified marriage certificate from a Register of Deeds or appropriate government agency in the U.S., U.S. territory, Puerto Rico or Canada
• Limited driving privilege issued by the State of North Carolina (cannot be expired more than one year)
• Valid unexpired documents issued by the U.S. government (An expired immigration document may be valid if accompanied by a letter from the INS extending the expiration date (I-797) (Primary INS document must have the applicant’s photo)
• Court documents from U.S. jurisdiction, U.S. territory, Puerto Rico or Canada (divorce decree, court order to change of name or gender, adoption papers, certified court order for child support)
• U.S. Veterans Universal Access Card

Proof of Social Security Number
• Social Security card
• 1099 form
• W-2 form
• DD-214 form
• Property tax record
• Payroll record or paystub
• Social Security document showing applicant’s Social Security number
• Military identification card or military dependent’s identification card
• Medicaid or Medicare card with Social Security number

Proof of North Carolina Residency
• I-551 Permanent Resident Card
• Machine readable immigrant visa
• I-766 Employment Authorization Card
• Temporary I-551 stamp on I-94 or in passport
• I-327 Re-entry Permit with supporting immigration documentation
• I-94 arrival and departure record
• I-20 accompanied by I-94

Proof of Liability Insurance (Provide one document from this category)
• Insurance card
• Original liability insurance policy or binder

The insurance documents must show the applicant’s name, effective date of policy, date the policy was issued and the expiration date of the policy.