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Oklahoma DPS Motorcycle Practice Test


Motorcycle written practice test

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Oklahoma DPS Motorcycle Test: What You Need to Know

In Oklahoma, the Department of Public Safety (DPS) is the bureau responsible for issuing motorcycle permits and licenses, and for administering the Oklahoma DPS motorcycle test to those desirous of earning the legal right to operate a two- or three-wheeled motorized vehicle on public roads.  The minimum age to operate a motorcycle in OK is 14 years, although anyone less than 16 years old has significant restrictions placed on him or her.  These restrictions are lifted once the individual reaches 16.

Oklahoma DPS Motorcycle Test Requirements

The Oklahoma DPS motorcycle test consists of three parts:  a vision test, one or two written exams, and a road (driving skills) test.  Candidates who successfully complete the MSF RiderCourse Program will earn a waiver that exempts them from having to take the road test.  Anyone below the age of 18 must secure a custodial parent or legal guardian's written authorization to apply for a motorcycle license.

After presenting the required documentation to apply for an "M" endorsement, a vision test and written test must be taken.  Those not currently in possession of an Oklahoma driver's license will need to complete two written exams:  the standard license exam and one specific to motorcycles.  The standard exam contains 50 multiple-choice questions, 40 of which must be answered correctly to earn the passing grade of 80 percent.  The motorcycle exam has 25 questions.  No more than five can be missed in order to earn the required 80 percent passing score.

Once all these steps have been completed successfully, applicants may request a learner's permit. This permit must be held for a minimum of 30 days before the driving skills portion of the process may be attempted.


Driving Restrictions For Permit Holders

Permit holders under the age of 16 have the following restrictions placed upon them:

  • Motorcycle may be no more than 250cc in engine size
  • Motorcycle operation is limited to the hours between 4:30 a.m. and 9:30 p.m.
  • Motorcycles smaller than 125cc may not be operated at speeds greater than 35 mph
  • Motorcycles between 125cc and 250cc may be driven at posted speed limits, but may not be operated on interstate highways or turnpikes
  • Until the age of 18 years, all riders must wear state-approved safety helmets
  • Operators holding a permit are not allowed to carry passengers.  The preceding restrictions are lifted once the motorcycle license applicant reaches the age of 16 (except helmet requirement)

Motorcycle permit holders are allowed to ride only while in the presence of a supervising adult, 21 years of age or older, who is in possession of a valid OK driver's license with a motorcycle endorsement.  This person is required to be within visual contact at all times, although riding on or driving a separate vehicle and not as a passenger.  Oklahoma State law requires all motorcycle operators and passengers below the age of 18 to wear approved safety headgear.  Unless an approved windscreen or windshield is fitted to the motorcycle, approved protective eyewear must be worn by operators of all ages.