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  • 1.Prior to moving sideways to change lanes, what should a driver do?
    • Turn their head to make sure blind spots are clear. - You Answered Correct
  • 2.When sharing the road with a motorcycle, at least how many times should a driver look prior to pulling into an intersection or changing lanes?
    • 3 - You Answered Correct
  • 3.You will need a CDL to operate a vehicle of more than ______ pounds.
    • 26,001 - You Answered Correct
  • 4.For license can be suspended for which of the following?
    • All of the listed answers. - Correct Answer
    • If you do not carry insurance on your vehicle. - You Answered
  • 5.All these are situations in which drivers must stop for pedestrians except:
    • When making a turn, and pedestrians are crossing the street being turned onto. - You Answered
    • When pedestrians are crossing mid-block with no crosswalk. - Correct Answer
  • 6.If you are about to be in an accident, which is NOT the better thing to do?
    • It's better to swerve left instead of swerving right to avoid a collision. - Correct Answer
    • It's better to hit a stationary object rather than a vehicle coming toward you. - You Answered
  • 7.Which of the following is a violation of driver's license law?
    • All of the listed answers are correct. - You Answered Correct
  • 8.What is one identification requirement for a non-U.S. citizen?
    • Green card. - You Answered Correct
  • 9.How many hours of driving experience are required to obtain a class E license?
    • 50 hours, 10 of which must be at night. - You Answered Correct
  • 10.What are the center lanes of a three or five-lane highways used for?
    • It's used only for turning left - Correct Answer
    • It's used for driving regularly. - You Answered
  • 11.If a driver under 18 obtains 6 or more points in a period of 12 months, they are restricted to "business only" driving for __________.
    • 1 year. - Correct Answer
    • 6 months. - You Answered
  • 12.Drivers charged with exceeding the speed limit by more than __ mph may not make an election under the subsection for traffic school?
    • 30 mph. - Correct Answer
    • 20 mph. - You Answered
  • 13.What does the driver license examination help determine?
    • All of the answers listed. - You Answered Correct
  • 14.The seat belt law applies to passenger cars manufactured beginning with the _____ model year.
    • 1968 - Correct Answer
    • 1924 - You Answered
  • 15.Which of the following means it is safe for a pedestrian to begin crossing the street?
    • A walking person. - Correct Answer
    • A white hand. - You Answered
  • 16.Which of the following should you do for an emergency vehicle?
    • Pull over onto the closest roadway edge. - You Answered Correct
  • 17.Which of the following is a requirement for a motorcycle license?
    • Complete a basic rider course. - You Answered Correct
  • 18.What is the fee for obtaining a new license for a change of address?
    • $25.00 - Correct Answer
    • There is no fee, as long as your license is still valid. - You Answered
  • 19.When should you yield the right-of-way at open intersections?
    • All of the answers listed. - You Answered Correct
  • 20.How many "points" are assessed for a speeding violation of more than 15 mph over the speed limit?
    • 5 - You Answered
    • 4 - Correct Answer
  • 21.What are the names of the 2 Florida insurance laws?
    • The Financial Responsibility Law and the No-Fault Law. - Correct Answer
    • The Insurance Requirement Law and the No-Fault Law. - You Answered
  • 22.If you have an H restriction, it means that you are required to wear hearing aids ________.
    • All the time when driving. - You Answered Correct
  • 23.If you are worried or sad while you are driving what can be helpful for you to do?
    • Focus on driving and be aware of your surroundings. - You Answered Correct
  • 24.When not otherwise posted, what is the standard speed limit for business or residential areas in Florida?
    • 30 mph. - You Answered Correct
  • 25.Driver's licenses may be valid for up to ___ years.
    • 8 - You Answered Correct