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  • 1.How many hours of driving experience are required to obtain a class E license?
    • 50 hours, 10 of which must be at night. - You Answered Correct
  • 2.What are the center lanes of a three or five-lane highways used for?
    • It's for vehicles that are having mechanical issues. - You Answered
    • It's used only for turning left - Correct Answer
  • 3.Which of the following is allowed on an expressway?
    • A regular automobile. - You Answered Correct
  • 4.Federal law requires any male that is between 18 and ____ to meet Selective Service requirements.
    • 26 - You Answered Correct
  • 5.When starting the engine, what gear(s) should your car be in?
    • Park or neutral. - You Answered Correct
  • 6.Which of the following people do not need a Florida license to legally drive in the state?
    • Any non-resident who is at least 16 years old who has a valid non-commercial driver license from another state. - You Answered Correct
  • 7.In order to obtain a Florida driver's license, you must not ________________.
    • All of the listed above. - You Answered Correct
  • 8.Anyone operating a motor vehicle that passes a school bus on the same side of the road where children enter and exit, while it is displaying their stopped signal, will face which of the following consequences?
    • They will be required to complete a basic driver improvement course. - You Answered Correct
  • 9.What is the maximum amount of light that any treatment on your side windows can reflect?
    • 35%. - Correct Answer
    • You cannot treat your side windows to reflect any light. - You Answered
  • 10.If your vehicle stalls on the tracks, the best course of action is to:
    • Get yourself and passengers out and away from the car immediately. - You Answered Correct
  • 11.Over _____ percent of children who die in car accidents are not properly restrained.
    • 90 - Correct Answer
  • 12.What is the fee for an initial Florida driver's license?
    • 40 - You Answered
    • 48 - Correct Answer
  • 13.Which of the following is not a proper use of a turn signal?
    • To show drivers behind they can pass you. - You Answered Correct
  • 14.If you moved, how long do you have to file the change of address?
    • 10 days. - Correct Answer
    • 30 days. - You Answered
  • 15.Driver's licenses may be valid for up to ___ years.
    • 9 - You Answered
    • 8 - Correct Answer
  • 16.At a stop sign, who must a driver yield the right of way to?
    • Pedestrians, bicyclists, and all other traffic. - You Answered Correct
  • 17.A violation from a red light camera causes ____ points to incur on your license.
    • 2 - You Answered
    • 0 - Correct Answer
  • 18.Which of these is a limitation on loading?
    • If logs of pulpwood are being carried, proper equipment must be used to hold it down. - You Answered
    • All of the listed answers. - Correct Answer
  • 19.How many convictions for reckless driving are an automatic revocation of driving privileges?
    • 3 - You Answered Correct
  • 20.Who must sign your license application if you are under 18 and not married?
    • By a parent or legal guardian. - You Answered Correct
  • 21.If you are under 21 and are suspended for a BAL of .02 to ____ you must attend a Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course before you can get a hardship license.
    • 0.08 - You Answered
    • 0.05 - Correct Answer
  • 22.At what blood alcohol level will a driver under 21 years old have their license suspended?
    • 0.02 or higher blood alcohol level - Correct Answer
    • 0.05 or higher blood alcohol level. - You Answered
  • 23.What is the minimum age to be eligible to obtain an identification card?
    • 5 years old. - You Answered Correct
  • 24.Anti-lock brakes:
    • Should be pumped for best results when losing traction. - You Answered
    • Allow the driver to steer away from hazards while braking. - Correct Answer
  • 25.Every trailer weighing 3,000 pounds or more must have brakes that are designed and connected to the trailer that will?
    • The trailer's brakes must be able to stop the trailer in an emergency. - You Answered
    • Automatically stop the trailer if it breaks away from the vehicle. - Correct Answer