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  • 1.When law enforcement vehicles, fire engines, and other emergency vehicles are using their sirens and/or flashing their lights you should:
    • All of the listed answers. - Correct Answer
    • Stop until the vehicle has safely passed. - You Answered
  • 2.What is the maximum amount of light that any treatment on your side windows can reflect?
    • 35%. - You Answered Correct
  • 3.Blue and white signs usually indicate which of the following?
    • Services such as food, gas, lodging and hospitals. - You Answered Correct
  • 4.What is NOT true about Florida Identification (ID) cards?
    • You can have both a Florida driver license and a Florida ID card. - Correct Answer
    • Two proofs of address are needed to get an ID card. - You Answered
  • 5.Which of the following is NOT a requirement for original issuance of a Class E license?
    • To be at least 16 years of age. - You Answered
    • To pass a drug test. - Correct Answer
  • 6.What, in dollars, is the minimum contribution for most voluntary contribution trust funds?
    • 1 - Correct Answer
    • 10 - You Answered
  • 7.What is the minimum age for a moped operator?
    • 16 - Correct Answer
    • 15 - You Answered
  • 8.What is the fee for obtaining a new license for a change of address?
    • $25.00 - You Answered Correct
  • 9.Turn signals should be used for a minimum of what distance before your turn?
    • 100 feet - You Answered Correct
  • 10.A vehicle weighing less than how many pounds does not require a VIN verification?
    • 2,000.00 - You Answered Correct
  • 11.If you move to Florida and have an out-of-state license, how long do you have to get a Florida license?
    • 30 days. - You Answered Correct
  • 12.How many "points" are assessed for a speeding violation of more than 15 mph over the speed limit?
    • 4 - Correct Answer
    • 3 - You Answered
  • 13.Some mature driver insurance courses may enable older drivers ____________.
    • To get cheaper auto insurance. - You Answered
    • Both to get cheaper auto insurance and to learn more about updated traffic laws. - Correct Answer
  • 14.Which of the following should NOT be done when crossing an intersection?
    • Change to another lane. - You Answered Correct
  • 15.What should you watch as you back a vehicle?
    • Your side and rear-view mirrors. - You Answered
    • Out the back window. - Correct Answer
  • 16.All vehicles are required to have at least one white light that can be seen from at least ______ feet in front of you.
    • 500 - You Answered
    • 1000 - Correct Answer
  • 17.In the state of Florida, is a bicycle legally defined as a vehicle?
    • No. Bicycles are not considered vehicles. - You Answered
    • Bicycles are legally defined as vehicles. - Correct Answer
  • 18.How do roundabouts reduce crashes and improve traffic flow?
    • All of the answers listed. - You Answered Correct
  • 19.What is one bad habit discussed in the manual that some people develop when driving?
    • Driving while you are talking, calling, or texting on your phone. - You Answered Correct
  • 20.Which of the following can reduce your chances of colliding with an animal?
    • All of the answers listed. - You Answered Correct
  • 21.Which of the following are considered special signs?
    • Both green and white service signs and slow moving vehicle signs. - You Answered Correct
  • 22.If there are lane signals above your lane what do they mean?
    • A red X means you are not allowed in the lane, a yellow X means the lane is going to open, a green arrow means you can drive in the lane . - You Answered
    • A red X means you are not allowed in the lane, a yellow X means the lane is going to close, a green arrow means you can drive in the lane . - Correct Answer
  • 23.When renewing your license, if you have changed your address you will need to show _______ documents proving the address change.
    • Two. - You Answered Correct
  • 24.What is the cost, in dollars, for a replacement license?
    • 25 - You Answered Correct
  • 25.What's the significance of a double yellow line with one line solid and one broken?
    • Passing is allowed only from the direction of the cars that have the broken line closest to them. - You Answered Correct