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Alabama Road Signs and Traffic Signals Test

Practice your Alabama Road Signs and Traffic Signals with this FREE practice test!
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Individuals who wish to obtain a driver's license in the state of Alabama are required to pass a written test before being allowed to take a road test. The written test is also required for those who are not yet ready to apply for a driver's license but wish to receive a learner's permit.

Alabama Road Sign Practice Test Content

Applicants for an Alabama driver's license can expect to answer questions that relate to Alabama traffic laws and rules of safe driving. Test takers will also complete a portion that requires identification of road and traffic signs. While studying the state driver's license test manual is an excellent way to become familiar with the general content that may appear on the written exam, taking a practice test can give test takers a better idea of what to expect on exam day.

Taking the Alabama Road Sign Practice Exam

Our Department of Public Safety Traffic Sign Practice Test can help you go one step further in preparing to take the written test for your driver's license or learner's permit. You will be quizzed on your knowledge of more than 50 traffic signs in addition to being required to answer 25 questions that are selected at random. Benefits of taking our Department of Public Safety road sign practice test include:
  • Becoming acquainted with the test layout
  • Testing your current level of knowledge and preparedness
  • Easing anxiety by replicating test-taking conditions
  • Diagnosing specific areas that need improvement
When you take the Alabama Road Sign Practice Test, you will be more likely to feel confident and secure in your knowledge of road signs and traffic laws on the day of the actual exam. While it is impossible to know exactly what items will appear on your exam, taking a practice test will make the exam day conditions seem more familiar, which will make for a less stressful experience overall. The Alabama Traffic Sign Practice test is appropriate for aspiring drivers of all ages who wish to achieve a higher level of preparedness prior to taking the written exam.