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Practice Makes Perfect

Study for your driver's permit test with free practice tests. Our practice exams will help you feel confident with your knowledge and ready to take the test.

The rules and regulations can make the DMV Written Permit exam very frustrating, but you should not let this deter you from taking a few of the practice tests here. The permit practice tests are designed to help you feel confident on the exam day, and they may even lead to a higher score if they are taken in preparation for the actual test.


The purpose of this test is to ensure you know how to drive safely. It requires you to know a great number of specific road rules and driving regulations: basic road rules, speed limits, braking distances, traffic signs and more.

Studying the official DMV manual is always a good start, but it can be exhausting. Your state’s official Drivers Manual is over 100 pages long. It’s filled with extensive information that may or may not be covered on the DMV test, and it’s definitely not laid out like it will be on the real test. To make matters worse, the manual may not best prepare you for the tricky questions on the real test.

Avoid Wasting Time Pass on the First Try

You want to pass your DMV driver's permit practice test on your first try. Failing your permit test means that you have to reschedule, wasting additional time and money. Most states require a waiting period before you are allowed to retake the exam. Depending on the state, this waiting period can range anywhere from 3 to 30 days, which means you have to wait even longer before you can earn your permit. Avoid all of the additional hassles of retaking your state’s permit test.

Our Tests are designed to help Study, Practice and Pass

Relieve that stress and test anxiety with our free practice tests. Our practice tests are developed to help you pass. Our practice tests are designed to let you focus on the most relevant information needed to pass your written test, each test unique to your state, with answers and page numbers that match up to your state's driving Handbook/Manual. Take one practice test or six. They're all FREE!

These practice tests are not cheat sheets, but if that’s what you’re looking for here’s some really awesome DMV cheat sheets worth checking out.

How old do you need to get your driving permit? How many questions are on the written permit test and what percentage do I need to pass?

StateDriving Permit Age# of Questions on Test% to pass
ALASKA14 Years 20 Questions70%
ALABAMA15 Years 20 Questions70%
ARKANSAS14 Years 25 Questions70%
ARIZONA15 Years 6 months 30 Questions70%
CALIFORNIA15 Years 6 months 46 Questions86%
COLORADO15 Years 25 Questions80%
CONNECTICUT16 Years25 Questions80%
DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA16 Years20 Questions75%
DELAWARE16 Years30 Questions80%
FLORIDA15 Years 40 Questions75%
GEORGIA15 Years 40 Questions75%
HAWAII15 Years 6 months 30 Questions80%
IOWA14 Years 35 Questions80%
IDAHO14 Years and 6 Months 40 Questions85%
ILLINOIS15 Years 35 Questions80%
INDIANA15 Years 34 Questions82%
KANSAS14 Years 25 Questions80%
KENTUCKY16 Years40 Questions80%
LOUISIANA14 Years and 9 Months 40 Questions80%
MASSACHUSETTS16 Years25 Questions72%
MARYLAND15 Years 9 Months25 Questions84%
MAINE15 Years 25 Questions84%
MICHIGAN14 Years and 9 Months 50 Questoins80%
MINNESOTA15 Years 40 Questions80%
MISSOURI15 Years 25 Questions80%
MISSISSIPPI15 Years 30 Questions80%
MONTANA14 Years and 6 Months 33 Questions90%
NORTH CAROLINA15 Years 25 Questions80%
NORTH DAKOTA14 Years 25 Questions80%
NEBRASKA15 Years 25 Questions80%
NEW HAMPSHIRE*15 Years 6 months No Permits in New Hampshire
NEW JERSEY16 Years25 Questions80%
NEW MEXICO15 Years 25 Questions72%
NEVADA15 Years 6 months 50 Questoins80%
NEW YORK16 Years20 Questions70%
OHIO15 Years 6 months 40 Questions75%
OKLAHOMA15 Years 6 months 50 Questoins80%
OREGON15 Years 35 Questions80%
PENNSYLVANIA16 Years18 Questions83%
RHODE ISLAND16 Years50 Questoins80%
SOUTH CAROLINA15 Years 30 Questions80%
SOUTH DAKOTA14 Years 25 Questions80%
TENNESSEE15 Years 30 Questions80%
TEXAS15 Years 30 Questions70%
UTAH15 Years 25 Questions80%
VIRGINIA15 Years 6 months 25 Questions80%
VERMONT15 Years 20 Questions80%
WASHINGTON15 Years 25 Questions80%
WISCONSIN15 Years 6 months 50 Questoins80%
WEST VIRGINIA15 Years 25 Questions76%
WYOMING14 Years and 6 Months 25 Questions76%