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Arizona Motorcycle Permit Practice Test 5

Our FREE AZ Motorcycle Practice Test is made up of 25 comprehensive, multiple choice questions.
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Arizona Motorcycle Permit Practice Test Description

Arizona laws require you to take a written exam and riding skills test if you want to ride a motorcycle in the state. Take our practice tests to help you pass the written portion of the tests.

Arizona Motorcycle Permit Test Questions Help

Traveling across Interstate 40 or down Interstate 17 into Phoenix can be quite an adventure if you are riding your motorcycle. However, to legally take this ride or operate your motorcycle on streets and highways in the state, you must obtain an Arizona motorcycle permit from the Department of Transportation. To receive a permit, you will be required to pass a written test and a test that examines your motorcycle operating skills. The written exam is a closed book test that consists of multiple-choice questions. These questions are based off information from the Arizona Motorcycle Operator Manual. While the questions on the motorcycle permit test are not extremely difficult, you will be quizzed on specific topics that probably should be studied. We can assist you with that.

First, you should study all of the topics and rules that are listed in the Arizona MVD Motorcycle Operator Manual. Some of these topics cover group riding, basic vehicle control, animals, mechanical problems and alcohol in the body. Study each topic and train your brain to recognize key points. After that, it's a good time to take the practice tests that we provide.

On the actual test administered by the Arizona MVD, you will be required to miss no more than 20 percent of the questions. You should be capable of this if you take the time to go through our practice tests and study any of the questions that you miss. To make studying easier, a correct answer is shown each time that you incorrectly answer a question. When this occurs, you may want to go back to the handbook and review the material for that topic. When you finally feel that you have a good grasp of all the material presented in the practice tests, you are probably ready to travel to the closest Arizona Department of Transportation office and take the written exam. Passing it will not only show your knowledge of topics discussed in the handbook but will give you an understanding of the rules of the road that will assist you in the future.


A minimum of _____ seconds should be maintained between you and the car in front of you for a safe distance to be established.
  • Three.
  • Two.
  • Four.
  • Five.
A minimum of ____________ of distance should be maintained between yourself and the vehicle in front of you.
  • A half second.
  • Two seconds.
  • Five seconds.
  • Ten seconds.
If a friend has clearly had too much to drink, you should _______
  • Arrange a safe ride so that he can get home without driving himself.
  • Use peer pressure to keep him off his motorcycle e.g. by inviting friends to support you.
  • Slow your friend's drinking with other activities.
  • Distract your friend and keep him where you are so that he will remain off of his motorcycle.
  • All of the listed answers.
If you are chased by a small animal, you should do what?
  • Slow down and swerve around the animal.
  • Slow down and kick the animal.
  • Slow down as you approach the animal and accelerate away.
  • Come to a complete stop until the animal leaves.
  • None of the listed answers.
If you need get off the road and check your motorcycle, you should:
  • Check the side of the road to make sure it is safe to ride on.
  • Give drivers behind you a clear signal that you are pulling off.
  • Pull off the road as far as possible, so that others can see you easily.
  • Park with caution, remaining wary of loose or sloping shoulders on roads.
  • All of the listed answers.