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10 Things Teen Drivers Should Know About Winter Driving

Preventative Vehicle Maintenance

Have your car checked for mechanical problems. The last thing you want is for your car to break down on an icy road far from home.

Pack an Emergency Kit

Keep an emergency kit in your car at all times to help you out if you are ever in an accident or break down in the middle of nowhere.

Maintain Your Tires

Always make sure your tires have plenty of tread and pressure. Check your tires at least once a week during the winter.

Slow Down

When driving on an icy road be sure to take it slow. You might not get to your destination quickly but you will be more likely to make it there in one piece.

Use Sand

Sand rock salt cat litter and other similar items can help you out if you ever get stuck in the snow or need to gain more traction on an icy road or driveway.

Clear the Snow

It may be a pain in the neck but always clear all of the snow from your front and back windshields before driving so that you have full visibility.

Drive During the Day

Avoid driving at night whenever possible. It is much easier to see during daylight hours.

Take a Driving Mentor

It is a good idea for you to take an older more experienced driver along when you are driving in winter conditions.

Keep Your Tank Full

Never take the risk of running out of gas in dangerous winter conditions. Always keep your tank as close to full as possible.

Check Your Battery

Make sure your battery is properly charged before you leave home. Most batteries lose energy faster in cold weather.