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Learning how to drive comes with a lot of responsibility. In addition to learning about the rules of the road as you prepare to take a DMV practice test, it is also important to learn about basic vehicle maintenance. Keeping up with the maintenance of your vehicle can possibly save you the time and expense of major repairs as well as keep you safe while driving. Here are four basic vehicle maintenance tips you should keep in mind.

Check the Oil

Having the right amount of oil in your vehicle is necessary for the engine to function properly. It is important to check your oil levels on a regular basis to make sure that no oil is being lost through leakage. Dirty oil can also wreak havoc upon your engine. It is generally best to have your oil changed every 3,000 miles, although certain types of higher quality oil will not need to be changed as frequently.

Make Sure Lights Are Working

Lights are especially important while driving at night or in stormy conditions. Headlights and parking lights should be working properly so that you can see the road ahead of you. Taillights and brake lights make it easier for drivers behind you to see your vehicle. You should also make sure that your dome light functions so that you can see properly while inside your vehicle.

Check Tire Pressure Levels

Tires with too much or too little pressure can cause tire damage and put you in danger while driving. Adequate tire pressure can also help you improve your gas mileage. Check your tire pressure at a local gas station or with a pressure gauge and compare with the car manufacturer’s recommendations, which can be found in your car manual.

Replace Air Filter

Air filters can help your vehicle by catching any dirt particles that are found in air that travels through the engine. According to Toyota, clogged air filters in older cars with carburetor engines can reduce gas mileage by as much as 14 percent. Dirty air filters can also decrease your vehicle's acceleration time.

These basic maintenance tips are easy to follow and can prolong the life of your vehicle. Performing even the smallest maintenance tasks can make a huge difference in how your vehicle operates.