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Creative Ways To Raise Money For Your Tickets To Renew Your License

Most states require you to renew your driver's license every few years. While most license renewals mean nothing more than a quick trip to the DMV or submitting an online application, it may be trickier to renew your license if you have unpaid tickets. How can you raise money to pay for those tickets and get your license renewed?

Start an Online Fundraiser

If you have to raise hundreds or thousands of dollars in a hurry, you can start an online fundraiser to do so. You could ask your friends and family members to contribute to the fund until you reach your goal. It is also possible to ask colleagues or contacts on social networks to contribute as much as they can to help you. To help spur donations, you might offer rewards to those who donate a predetermined amount of money.

Sign Up for Medical Trials or Donate Blood

Drug companies around the country are looking for volunteers to act as test subjects when a new drug advances through the different stages of research. You might get paid as much as $100 or more per trial that you participate in. If you want to earn money even faster, you can donate blood or plasma to local organizations that need them.

Rent a Room in Your Home

If you are looking for a way to raise money to pay off tickets while also reducing your long-term expenses, you can rent a room in your home. If you have an apartment, you can sublet the apartment to reduce the amount that you pay each month in rent and other expenses. There are many different ways available to raise money to pay off your tickets. Remember, you may have a hard time registering your car as well as renewing your license if you have too many unpaid tickets on your record. Make sure that paying those tickets is a top priority. If you also have to take a written or road test to renew your license, you might consider taking a DMV practice test ahead of time to help you review.