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DMV Practice Tests- For the First Time Driver

When you first reviewed the DMV practice tests that you picked up it looked a little harder than you anticipated but you know if you studied hard you would be able to pass and you did. Now, you ask your mom if you can drive the car and start getting driving lessons. Of course, she is nervous and it seems that everything you do it wrong. You remind her that you are one of those first time drivers she complains about and to please not yell because it makes you nervous.

After, the first few miles you can see this driving lesson is not getting any better and ask her if it would be alright if you take driving lessons? She thinks about it for a minute and tells you that she wants you to try a couple of lessons with dad and then she will sign you up for lessons. You agree and are happy that you cannot be called one of those first time drivers anymore because now you have been behind the wheel on the road and have driven a little bit.

As you go back to your room for the evening a friend calls and asks you how it was and you admit you were nervous and glad it's over. You tell him you have to do a couple of lessons with your dad but then you can take the driving lessons. Your friend admits he's a little nervous too and wonders if he will pass the learner's test or fail again like last time. You mention to make sure he studies the DMV practice tests because you know that is what helped you get through your test and you wished him luck.