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Driver's License Needed to Vote in Pennsylvania

With the national election less than two months away, many states are passing new voter identification laws requiring photo identification in order to vote. A driver's license is a type of photo ID that would count, and Pennsylvania is one of those states, so now is the time to consider taking the Pennsylvania DMV driver's test so you can have your say in November.

Although the voter ID law has been sent to the lower courts for further review, many in the state aren't prepared for the law if it were to take place. However, only 34 percent of registered voters are aware of the law, but 98 percent of registered voters believe they have the right ID.Half of Pennsylvania's counties either have no photo ID center, or only have one that is open once or twice a week. With this in mind, DMV practice tests can come in handy to make the trip worthwhile or to help ensure voters that they have to right type of identification on Election Day.

This law is especially important for young voters (ages 21-34), who are a highly targeted voting demographic this election cycle, but one that hardly ever votes. Young voters are also unlikely to have the right ID in order to vote, meaning that this law and the need to practice for the driver's test is even more important to them. This is also important for young voters because a college ID will only count if it has your name, a photograph, and an expiration date on it. Some college IDs don't come with an expiration date, so those won't count on Election Day as an appropriate ID.

Even though the law isn't in effect yet, and might not even go into effect, it's better to be safe than sorry. It's not long before a decision will be made, since a decision needs to be made before November. However, you don't want to be stuck without the right ID come Election Day. Since the driver's license is one of the easiest forms of proper identification to get, it's best to go for it and to get it done. The best place to start to improve yoru chances and to make the trip worthwhile is with a DMV practice test.