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Speeding is an extremely common and dangerous traffic violation. Speeding affects a driver’s ability to reaction to sudden changes in his environment. If something darts out into the road, a driver who is speeding excessively will need a longer distance to brake. Speeding isn’t even worth it either. Research has shown speeding won’t help drivers reach their destinations any quicker. In fact, a more effective approach is to simply leave earlier.  

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Driving Under The Influence

Anyone who doesn’t know driving under the influence is illegal shouldn’t have a license. Problem is most people who may drive while intoxicated know it’s illegal but think they’re not too intoxicated or that it’s not too far. Reality: it’s notoriously difficult for a driver who has been drinking to accurately assess his ability to drive. Don’t drink and drive. There are other alternatives: catch a cab or call a friend.


Racing Through A Stoplight

Stoplights help direct traffic. Disobeying or ignoring them are dangerous and does not provide any additional benefit to the driver. If the light turns yellow, slow down. It’s not worth the risk. 

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Tailgating can be frustrating and dangerous for all drivers. Both the driver followed by a tailgater and the tailgater cannot react effectively to abrupt changes in the road conditions. Remember while driving to leave plenty of space to maneuver in front and behind.  

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Changing Lanes Frequently

Too many drives weave in and out traffic haphazardly, switch lanes too frequently and/or switch lanes without using turn signals. Keep to one lane, change when necessary and when you switch lanes make sure the driver ahead and behind knows what you intend.