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For a lot of test takers, their driving exams can be exciting but stressful event, and it’s easy when facing huge stressors to forget some driving basics or to make driving errors. Before you take your driving exam, review the five most common things people forget to do on their road tests and avoid these common mistakes.

Rushing A Parking Job

Sometimes, test takers think to be efficient is to complete a task quickly, but that’s not exactly the case with parking for your driving exam. It’s way better to be safe and take your time. Remember your job is to show your examiner that you know how to drive efficiently and safely. Don’t rush your parking job and risk making a mistake you wouldn’t have made had you taken your time.

Underusing Signals

Don’t forget to signal! And if you are uncertain whether signalling is inappropriate, signal to be careful. You use traffic signals to communicate your intentions to drivers around you. You want those communications to be clear and helpful.


It is important that you leave adequate space between you and the car in front of you. Don’t let your nerves get the best of you. Don’t follow a car so closely that the driver does not have the opportunity to brake suddenly if ever necessary. Additionally, avoid being tailgated. If you’re worried about someone who is following too closely behind you, slow down and allow the driver to pass you.  

Driving Through Controlled Intesections Too Quickly

Just because the light turns green, it doesn’t mean it’s safe to pass. Other drivers may not be paying attention to the change in their own traffic light, they may be confused or rushing through an intersection too quickly. Before you proceed through an intersection, even after a light turns green, check all directions to make sure it’s safe to go.

Incorrect Lane Changes

Nervous drivers can change lanes too quickly or thoughtlessly. Before changing lanes remember to check the lane and your mirrors before moving into the other lane, use your signal and move into another lane at a steady pace maintaining the speed of traffic.

Speeding Or Driving Too Slowly

Don’t be in such a rush to finish your test. Or don’t be so afraid to speed, you drive way too slowly. Keep up with the speed of the traffic flow while observing the posted speed limits.

Did you forget to do something important on your driving exam? Comment below.