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Cup Holders

The first feature on the list is the simplest and the least extravagant of all the features: cup holders. All right, cup holders may not be the coolest or the most exciting car feature, but if you drive in a car without a cup holder just once while carrying a cup of hot coffee you’ll realize swiftly how important cup holders really are for your driving convenience.

Bluetooth Phone and Car Speakers

What can be more awesome than taking phone calls through your car stereo system or listening to music from your smartphone through your car speakers while you drive? This is just one of those cool features that can make you super excited about the future of technology.  

Rear-view Camera

The rear-view camera is one of those modern inventions that you can live without. Sure. But why would you want to if you had a choice? Some vehicles have incredibly bad rear visibility like buses or big trucks. With rear-view cameras, “blind spots” no longer pose as big of a risk to your safety.

Heads Up Display

HUDs are brilliant. They put the most pertinent information (speed, directions, shift lights, etc.) in the best possible spot, where you don't have to take your eyes off the road. We hope every car eventually has this standard because it’s A-MA-ZING!!!

Proximity Key

Rummaging through your bag for your keys is a thing of the past. Proximity keys make life so wonderfully easy, we couldn’t possibly not include it on our list.