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Spending a lot of money to commute to work doesn’t seem fair. You work hard at the office for that regular paycheck only to have to deduct a substantial amount to pay on gas, parking, insurance and other related car expenses. If you’re struggling under the weight of your commuting costs or would rather save that money for a trip, check out these five ways to cut commuting costs. 

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Carpooling isn’t only for middle-school kids and soccer moms. Sharing a ride with a coworker or a friend whose work office is located near you every other day can reduce drastically your travel expenses. It helps if your passenger/friend is someone you enjoy. You should also check if your employer offers benefits to those who carpool like reimbursing employees for car-pool costs.

Save Money On Gas

In some states gas prices are simply too high, but there are ways to try and save money on gas. This article here outlines helpful ways to reduce gas costs: a gas rewards card, gift cards and other strategies. Some of these strategies may require more time than you have to put towards it.

Change Your Work Schedule

Talk to your employer. Perhaps he or she will be willing to allow you to change your work schedule. You may be able to come into work earlier or leave work later, which could potentially help you save gas money as you can avoid high traffic hours. Or your boss might be willing to allow you to adopt a four ten-hour work day schedule, which is becoming more and more popular. We advise discussing options with your coworkers, test the waters so to speak, and see whether your employer is flexible and willing to consider employees’ needs. 

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Similar to asking your boss for flexibility in your work schedule, you should consider asking your boss if he or she is willing to allow you to telecommute. Telecommuting is becoming more and more popular these days. Less time on the road can be more efficient and even safer. 

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Take Public Transportation Every Other

Some people really prefer driving in their own vehicle, being in control and sometimes getting to their destinations quicker. However, taking public transportation even every other week can drastically reduce commuting costs. 

Got a tip for cutting commuting costs. Comment below and share with us.