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Ford Electrifies the Focus But Not the General Public

The Ford Focus has been around for some time, but the company is planning on releasing by 2013 a totally electric version of the car. The plan for the look of the car is somewhat like an Aston Martin, very chic; however, many of the people who have posted comments about this new vehicle all seem to share my view: we are not sold. For instance, this type of vehicle would not work for people living outside of the city that have a long commute. It won't work for long road trips. And the style of the plug for the charging pack is a 240-volt, which is not commonly found in the United States. Another problem that consumers and I have on our minds is this: After only a year of owning our laptops, the battery pack barely lasts ? of the time that it did when brand new. Will people be stuck having to purchase new batteries every year because they can barely make it to the corner store after a year of use? And honestly, what difference will the money saved on gasoline make when our electric bills go up? Sure, everyone wants to claim that they are earth-minded, and saving the planet is a great endeavor. This simply isn't going to get the job done.