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Getting Over The Fear Of Learning How To Drive

Learning to drive a car can be an intimidating experience. You are in control of a 3,000-pound vehicle traveling at speeds of up to 75 miles per hour. However, in today's mobile society, driving can easily become a necessity. What can you do to get over your fear of driving and gain your independence?

Take Online Practice Tests

Part of your driving phobia may be related to your inexperience. If you don't feel comfortable getting behind the wheel, you can go online to take DMV practice tests and learn more about the rules of the road. As you gain more knowledge about what the different road signs and markings mean, you will slowly become more comfortable with the idea of driving your car.

Learn How to Drive in a Controlled Setting

Taking driving courses through a local driving school or scheduling private lessons with a driving instructor can teach you how to drive in a controlled setting. This will teach you how to manage your speed, maintain lane control and how to do maneuvers such as parallel parking and and three-point turns.

Face Your Fears Head On

At some point, you will have to face your fears. If you are afraid of driving because you think you'll get lost, take a GPS along so that you always know where you are. If you don't like driving at high rates of speed, taking a drive on the highway during overnight hours or other times when traffic is lighter can help you get over your fear of highway driving. It can be scary to learn how to drive. However, it could be difficult to hold down a job or raise your children if you don't have access to transportation when you need it. These steps can help you get past your fear of driving and motor with confidence on the road of life.