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Graduated Driver Licensing Programs for Teen Drivers

If your teen is about to start driving what should you know as a parent about graduated driver's licenses? It is important for you and your teen to understand the rules when they can drive.

When Can Your Kids Drive?

Most states mandate that your child does not drive alone on the the road during the overnight hours. While some states mandate that minors cannot drive after dark many states demand that teen drivers are off of the road by nine p.m. Looking at a DMV practice test can help you become familiar with the rules that your teenage driver has to follow.

Can Your Kids Have Passengers in the Car?

Minors who have a provisional driver's license in certain states may be restricted to the type of passengers they can have in the car. Some states require that your teen driver has no one in the car at all after dark. In some cases your teen driver may be able to have passengers in the car as long as they are over the age of 18 or 21.

Are There Exceptions to the Rules?

There may be exceptions to the rules. For example a teen driver may be able to drive to work or to a sporting event in which the teenager is participating in. The school district or teen's employer must issue a letter or another notice that your son or daughter has the right to be on the road late at night. Without such written permission you may need to pick up your son or daughter from work or a school event if that event runs late. It is a great day when your son or daughter receives his or her driver's license. However it is important that you as well as your teen understand your new driver's limitations under the law. Understanding the law makes it easier to keep your teen safe and abiding by the law at all times.