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Have You Considered Nitrogen for Your Tires?

Putting nitrogen in your tires is a new practice that's emerging in repair shops and auto dealerships all around the country. It's exactly as the name says: putting nitrogen in your tires instead of regular air. It's actually much better for your tires in the long run. Nitrogen tire inflation is a green technology that not only will improve fuel efficiency, but will keep tires at proper tire pressure for a longer period of time.

This is a great maintenance choice for younger or less experienced drivers, who may not be as adept to handling routine maintenance or an emergency situation. Since putting nitrogen in your tires keeps them at the right pressure for a longer period of time, the risk for a tire blowout decreases. It also decreases the risk of having a flat tire, and having to call for help or pulling over to put on the spare (if you have one). Flat tires generate more than 3 million AAA calls each year.

When young drivers are first learning to drive and to acquire their license, there's so much to learn prior to the test. This includes the rules of the road, operating the vehicle, and paying attention to pedestrians and other drivers. Learning to drive should also include car maintenance, although it's tough to expect a teenager to remember to change the oil and to check the tire pressure. This is why nitrogen tire inflation is an excellent choice. It's one less thing to worry about as an inexperienced driver learns how to be on the road first.

Putting nitrogen in your tires may have an initial cost, depending on where you go to get the service. Some sell brand new tires already filled with nitrogen, while some charge a few dollars per tire to purge the air and refill with nitrogen. Some will even fill your tires with nitrogen for free. Overall, nitrogen tire inflation is a practice that's great for accommodating new drivers, while improving fuel efficiency and tire life as well.