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Practicing highway driving is very important. Even if you’re a great driver, you should always remember to practice the good safe driving habits we’ve listed below. The best way to remain safe on a highway is to practice over and over again.

Always Be Aware of Other Drivers

It's important to check regularly your rearview mirror. Some driving instructors recommend checking your mirrors every twelve seconds. This is a very important habit to practice. Drivers should always be aware of their surroundings and exactly where other cars are on the road.

Head Checks During Lane Changes

Changing lanes can be difficult and intimidating especially to new drivers, who have had less practice. The most important step of changing lanes is the head check. Drivers should never solely rely on mirrors in order to see if it's clear to move into another lane. The first step is to alert other drivers by using the indicators; then the head check should be performed in order to check the blind spot; and finally, if the lane is clear the driver should move into place. This may seem tedious, but it's a driving habit that becomes second nature with practice.

Counting Your Exits

Exiting a highway can be very confusing. Practice counting the exits so you know when you need to switch to your exit lane and get off the highway.

Lots of traffic on the highway.

Always Use Your Turn Signals

Indicators should be turned on to inform other drivers well in advance of taking any exit.

Drivers who have doubts about highway driving should try to practice with an experienced driver so they can feel more confident. Got a tip we haven’t listed here? Don’t be greedy. Share with us!