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How Many Weeks Is Drivers Ed?

Driver's ed courses help new drivers to learn the rules, knowledge, and skills needed to keep themselves and other drivers safe on the road.

But how long do these classes take and what do they cover?

How Many Weeks is Driver's Ed?

The length of driver's ed will depend on the type of classes you're taking, which in turn will be dictated by your state's requirements.

If we use New York as an example, drivers must first complete a pre-licensing course at a high school, college, or a DMV-approved driving school.

This course lasts for five hours and covers the following areas:

  • The DMV point system
  • Traffic laws and regulations in the state of New York
  • Seat belt safety
  • Safe driving habits

The risks of driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

The course must be completed within 30 days of signing up, after which applicants have 1 year to sit their road test.

Although this short course is accepted by the DMV, new drivers should consider a longer and more comprehensive driver's ed class to ensure they are properly prepared.

These longer courses span a total of 48 hours. Half of that time covers classroom instruction while the other half is devoted to in-car training, including 6 hours of driving.

Is Driver's Ed Class Needed?

Driver's ed is required in 32 states for drivers under the age of 18. In states where it is not mandatory, it is still available as an optional extra.

It's always worth taking those extra classes if you can. A little driver education will go a very long way to ensuring you pass your driving test the first time and will also keep you safe on busy roads.

New drivers are considerably more likely to be involved in an accident, and when you consider that there are millions of car accidents leading to thousands of deaths every year, it's worth being prepared.

What Does Driver's Ed Cover?

Driver's education classes are all about making you a better driver, thus making it easier to get your driver's license and ensuring you stay safe when you have it.

In addition to learning about traffic laws, safe driving, and the risks of impaired driving, driver's ed will teach you how to operate a vehicle in severe weather conditions and how to drive in emergency situations.

They blend classroom instruction with behind-the-wheel training, making you a better and more confident driver.

Nervousness is one of the main reasons that student drivers fail their written tests and road tests. As soon as sit down for their exam or clamber behind the wheel, they forget everything they have learned and all of that practice and studying goes out the window.

With more in-car driving lessons and classroom time, those important driving skills will become second nature and you'll beat those exam-day nerves.

Can I Get My Driver's License After Completing Driver's Ed?

Most states require you to complete 40+ hours of driving practice in addition to driver's ed and other requirements. This practice must be completed with a parent/guardian or a driving instructor.

You must also sit a written test and a road test before you get your license.

Drivers under the age of 18 are usually given restricted licenses. The limitations vary, but they typically require the driver to avoid the roads at night and to only drive with adults in the car.

FAQs About Driver's Ed Class

Do you still have a few questions about driver's ed? Check out the following FAQs.

Is Drivers Ed Required In Ohio?

In Ohio, drivers are required to complete a driver's ed class at an approved driving school. This class covers 24 hours of classroom instruction and 8 hours of driving practice.

The classroom portion can also be completed online.

Do You Need Driver's Ed In NY?

Yes, as noted in the guide above, driver's education is required in New York.

Students can choose to complete a full driver's education class or opt for a short 5-hour pre-license course.

How Can I Drive After 9 In NY?

Junior drivers are restricted from driving between the hours of 9 PM and 5 AM in upstate New York. The only exceptions are if they drive directly home from school or work.

There are even more restrictions in New York City, and junior drivers are not allowed to drive in the city’s 5 boroughs at all.

How Long Is Drivers Ed In FL?

In Florida, driver's ed is free and available online. It can be accessed 24/7 and guides learner drivers through the basics, including real-world driving scenarios.

Students can study at their own pace, but most students complete these courses within 6 weeks while studying for a couple of hours a week.

How Long Is Driver's Ed In CA?

Driver's education in California spans 30 hours and covers road safety, traffic laws, driver responsibilities, and accident avoidance.

The course covers 25 hours of actual study and 5 hours of breaks.

How Long Is Driver's Ed In TX?

Texas driver's ed takes 32 hours to complete and covers both a behind-the-wheel and classroom portion.