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How Must You React To A Flashing Red Traffic Light?

You're at an intersection and there is a flashing red traffic light. What should you do?

It's a question you may encounter on the DMV written test, so let's take a closer look.

What Does a Flashing Red Traffic Light Mean?

Does a flashing red traffic light mean:

A: The light will soon turn green

B: The same as a yield sign

C: The same as a stop sign

The answer is C.

A flashing red light should be treated the same as a stop sign.

When approaching a flashing red light, you should bring your vehicle to a complete stop, yield to pedestrians and traffic, and then proceed carefully when the way is clear.

Do I Need To Know What a Flashing Red Light Does?

The question above appears on many DMV practice tests, and you may encounter it during your examination. In general, you will be expected to know all the signs and signals in your state, so it's good to know.

What Do Other Traffic Lights Mean?

Think you already know what all traffic lights mean? You might be right, but it never hurts to double-check. It could be the difference between success and failure when it comes time to take your driving test.

Here is a quick summary of what all traffic lights mean.

What Does a Red Signal Light Mean?

A red light means stop.

You may turn right only after you have stopped and yielded to pedestrians and traffic, and if there is no sign posted stating "NO TURN ON RED".

What Does a Red Arrow Mean?

A red arrow means you must stop until you see a green arrow or a green light. You may not turn.

What Does a Yellow Signal Light Mean?

A yellow light indicates that a red signal light will soon appear. If you see a yellow light, and you are able to safely stop, you should do so.

What Does a Flashing Yellow Signal Light Mean?

A flashing yellow light is telling you to be careful. If you see a flashing yellow light, slow down, stay alert, and look out for other vehicles.

What Does a Yellow Arrow Mean?

If you see a yellow arrow, it means that a red arrow will soon appear. Assuming you are not already in the intersection, you should bring your vehicle to a stop.

What Does a Green Signal Light Mean?

Green means go, but there are exceptions. If there are any bikes, cars, or pedestrians in the way, you must first wait for these to pass.

If you are turning left, you must yield to vehicles going straight from the opposite direction and only turn if you have enough space to do so.

What Does a Green Arrow Light Mean?

If you see a green arrow, it means you are free to go, but only after you have yielded to vehicles and pedestrians still in the intersection.

The direction in which the green arrow points will tell you where you can make a protected turn, with pedestrians and vehicles stopped by a red arrow for as long as the green one is visible.

What Should I Do If All Traffic Lights Are Black?

If there is no visible traffic light, it means there has probably been a blackout and you should proceed with caution.

Wait until you are sure that vehicles and pedestrians have stopped and then proceed.

Summary: How to React to a Flashing Red Light

If you see a flashing red light, stop your car, yield to pedestrians/traffic, and wait. Treat it like a stop sign, as that's basically what it is.