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Insurance Laws and Newly Licensed Drivers

If you have just gotten your license for the first time you are probably excited about getting out on the road on your own. However there are a few things that you need to know before you can drive by yourself. One of the issues that you need to consider is obtaining insurance.

All Drivers Need Insurance

Anyone who wants to drive on American roads needs to have insurance protection. The amount of insurance that you need varies depending on which state you live in. In most cases you will be added to your parent's policy when you get your permit or license. If you have your own car you typically have to get your own insurance policy.

Registration Is Impossible Without Insurance

You will not be able to register a car in your name unless you have insurance. In most states you should be able to register a vehicle if your parent's names are also on the registration.

Fines Could Be Handed Out to Drivers Without Insurance

In many states you could be fined on the spot if you don't have proof of insurance when asked by a police officer to provide it. The fine could be $200 or more and you could also have penalty points put on your license or face a temporary suspension. Even if it were legal to do so you shouldn't drive without insurance. In the event that you get into an accident you may be financially responsible for the damage that results from the collision. You and your parents could face costly damage repairs or medical bills depending on teen driving and insurance laws in the state where you have insurance so make sure that you understand your state's laws before getting your license for the first time.