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Moving State to State

When I got married to my husband who was in the military, I thought to myself that I would be able to travel and see the world and lots of different places. Well of course I did but it was not overseas because he was always deployed. What I was able to do though was move state to state and visit each Department of Motor Vehicles to make sure I could drive in their state. There is this funny little law that says you cannot have a license, car insurance and a home residence in different states.

DMV Practice Tests & Moving State to StateĀ 

So, it seemed like I was always updating my state license and car insurance every time we were moving from state to state. I got real good at picking up the DMV practice tests. You would think that all states would be the same with their driving instructions and law. Well they are not and they all vary in some little way. When using the DMV practice tests you can count on most of the signs meaning the same thing and I was always grateful for that part of the test. Especially, since we were always moving state to state every three years like we had to each time he received new orders.

Could you imagine if each state's signs meant different things? DMV practice tests are there to help you learn the laws and the guidelines for their state. The book even provides good information at the end like reminding you to sign up to vote or if you want to register to be an organ donor. These things are something we do not always talk about but it is good to know about. It reminds me that I have to change my voting district whenever I pick up my DMV practice tests. It is like a checklist for me. The other advantage of the DMV practice tests is you get to understand the laws of the road. It does not matter how many times you read the book there is always something new to learn because things are always changing and it is a good way to keep up with the changes.

Remember when you are moving state to state the first couple of stops that you normally have to make are for the new schools if you have children and the rental office for your apartment. Then do not forget to pick up your DMV practice tests for you and anyone else in the house getting ready to study for their driving test too.